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T adams • 3 months ago

Also forgot to mention, Google the local newspaper Canarian weekly, you will see all the latest rules more everyday. Spain is not a good place to visit at the moment, especially the canaries. Which is a huge shame.

T adams • 3 months ago

I'm not sure if anyone is aware but rules in Spain..face masks are literally almost worn 24/7 with the exception of sleeping and only whilst eating or drinking...not much of a holiday. Many places have closed in Tenerife check out webcams. Upon arrival you may be tested if positive or test inconclusive say goodbye to your holiday and family for two weeks. You may have to be tested prior to departure once again if positive or inconclusive say goodbye to going home. If you don't ware your mask instant huge fine or your arrested. You have to tell the hotel when you. Go out... This is not a holiday more like a nightmares

Chris P • 3 months ago

Some clarification please . Surely clients need to be told that they need a Covid test within 48 hours of their flight departure to the Canaries.It’s been mooted that you maybe tested on arrival. However there is a lack of visibility of the start date or the actual regulation

farmerys • 3 months ago

Not true that a pre travel test is required. At least not at the moment. Where do you get this information from please?

Chris Pattison • 3 months ago

Travel Weekly 17 October,TTG, Daily Mail 23 October The Times 23 October.

farmerys • 3 months ago

All incorrect at the moment. Canarian govt. is deciding this week where, which test and who pays for it, but not yet announced. (source - hotel in San Agustin)

Speakthetruth • 3 months ago

Surely it is perverse when Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester and Doncaster Sheffield have been added to COVID-19 very high alert level that their populations can now travel and take a flight to the Canary Islands!

Phil • 3 months ago

No one from tier 3 is actually allowed to travel outside their regions unless it's for work or other important circumstances like a funeral. And definitely not abroad. I think there will be checks on those hoping to travel anywhere, let alone abroad from what I saw on the BBC news today. So anyone from those areas should really check before booking a holiday as they may be refused entry to the destination or even not allowed to check in at the airport. Have no idea how it works but I'm sure many will try to sneak in a holiday if they can. It's a real shame they can't. Especially for half term breaks where children and families deserve a nice holiday too. Let's see how the ever useless government handle this... and will any MPs be caught out doing exaclty what they shouldn't be doing... the one rule for them and another rule for regular hard working folk seems to still be happening.

Fabio • 3 months ago

And the whole of Wales.

Geoff Douse • 3 months ago

Just add it to the growing list of anomaly’s that litter this government’s policies.

Personally good for those that do decide to leave this madhouse which should include me next week,

Sick people are not treated (unless Covid related), cancer treatments and scanning stopped 8 months ago and the untold stories of mental illness all ignored.

When this whole episode comes to whatever type of end is possible (it will never be totally eradicated just like flu hasn’t, which is also a virus) some people should be bought to book for the untold misery they have caused for political purposes.

Mike • 3 months ago

A day trip to Yekaterinburg for the entire cabinet would be a nice idea
One way tickets