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Mi8 • 1 month ago

I share ABTA's alarm about Grunt Shapps address. There again, I am alarmed that such a low grade intelligence dullard ever became an MP. On reflection, that's probably the only job he is qualified for.

Kane Pirie • 1 month ago

Surely ABTA calling out Shapps on the lack of real action as opposed to warm and frothy words is a good thing?

Alan D'ambrogio • 1 month ago

"You obviously have no idea what ABTA is all about or importantly how much work they have been doing."

ABTA have been instrumental from the outset in guiding their members to break the law, alienate the public and as effective as a chocolate fire guard in lobbying government.

Maybe had they done less work, things would have turned out better.

Now they are fleecing their dwindling membership!!

Alan D'ambrogio • 1 month ago

Tanzer statement April 2020 "We will take action against members who refuse cash refunds".
How many members have ABTA taken action against?? NONE.
How many people have gone and are still going to MCOL and chargeback to secure their refunds - thousands and thousands of people.
Tanzer please get your house in order, before requesting a government support.

Fabio • 1 month ago

I would never pay £125 + VAT to attend a zoom call. Especially hosted by ABTA.

Those who did are mugs.

Sue Foxall • 1 month ago

You obviously have no idea what ABTA is all about or importantly how much work they have been doing. None of us with any professionalism and respect for our industry colleagues would not call us mugs.

Fabio • 1 month ago

My point is, as a member of ABTA you should have full access to their activities, especially something as important as the Secretary of State addressing members. Charging a £125 fee for this and other industry speakers is outrageous.

I can just about understand the exorbitant fee of their annual overseas jolly, as there are genuine costs associated with it.

However, in the same week as their wage bill has been revealed, and there is growing discontent at ABTA's inaction during the pandemic. The fee is not justified.

I am truly sorry that you can not see this.

Kenny Picken • 1 month ago

Lol, I doubt you would pay anything for anything. I agree as a long serving travel professional, that the fee is unwarranted given the lackluster support from ABTA but just one time would be good to see a single iota of support from you as opposed to the total negativity you post on an almost daily basis.

Fabio • 1 month ago

You do realise that the industry is on its knees don't you?

I can do positive and do it well. However, this is not the time.

What a joy to have Grant Schapps speak. I would like to thank ABTA for arranging such an insightful speaker. I can safely say my £125 was well spent.

After we are over this 'blip' in our industry I can not wait to give ABTA a huge hug to thank them for their support and actions for which I am so grateful x

Tom Parsley • 1 month ago

This 'Convention'seems to have been one large anti government moan fest - really not much use to anybody !! We have known for months that any help would be very limited and yet we seem as an industry to be aimless and incapable of doing anything positive ourselves ! -Mr Tanzer doing nothing but moaning about lack of Gov help will not solve the problems

James Hill • 1 month ago

for the ABTA conference to have been effective in tackling the Minister, there needed to be a face to face discussion between Tanzer and Shapps - also taking live questions coming in from attendees - it was all so predictable being read from scripts.Many thanks to Gold Medal who covered my fee to attend as an ABTA Member which would have been an outrageous £125 plus Vat ........which I am sure prevented many cash-strapped agents from being virtual attendees .