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Lisa • 1 month ago

It’s literally a pyramid scheme. Ludicrous this company is still allowed to exist.

TravelMan • 2 months ago

Hmmmm..with a one off 142 GBP joining fee and then 32 GBP a month to join Inteltravel, with the stated number of agents..thats well over 5 million GBP a year income for Inteletravel before anything is sold...so no wonder they don't seem so concerned with such a low sales turnover of 25 Million GBP from over 10,500 agents. They make a very substantial profit from fees alone!

AlanBowen • 2 months ago

£25 million sales between ten and a half thousand agents? Back of an envelope calculations suggests an average of less than £2500 sales per year. Being generous, lets assume 10% commission paid to the agent, equates to an income of £250 each, a year. Fine if you want to work one Saturday morning a year, .apart from the fact that you are paying over £500 a year for the priviledge