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Dave • 2 months ago

Oh we must laugh at Mr Endecott spouting off at what the govt should do to protect jobs....how many of his businesses have failed, leaving customers and employees out of pocket, out of jobs. Did you step in to help them with your personal wealth Mr E?

Frank Brewer • 2 months ago

Time to promote within and to develop the next generation of directors and Heads Of.

Speakthetruth • 2 months ago

As every day passes, more potential job losses are announced. Whitbread, which owns Premier Inn and Beefeater, has warned that 6,000 staff could lose their jobs. Yesterday it was Menzies ground handling at Heathrow, at the weekend it was Menzies at Luton. The situation in the UK aviation, aerospace, travel and hospitality industry more and more resembles the 1980s miners and steelworkers crisis. The Government, PM and Ministers have short memories!

peter sanity • 2 months ago

Amazing with this back drop ex TC employees are starting a new venture and i wish them all the best for the future.
Being realistic the market is not going to recover for at least 4 years maybe more and thus businesses need to reinvent themselves and employees need to do the same.
I think there will be a lot of new starts as existing business fails (Tour ops and Airlines)these will need to be digitally driven so not necessarily high employers of heads but this is the way or the world in all retail sectors, where goods can be purchased online.
What the Government need to do is support high street retail and infrastructure or the inertia will be like a tidal wave and we will end up with no City or Town Centers.

What is the likely hood of E1 city of London returning to anything like it was instead large office building will be turned into affordable housing as city workers will be encouraged to work remote and many will lose their jobs. as bosses scratch their heads to actually what certain employees ever did in the first place.
Furlough was a hastily thought out plan of action as a blanket solution whereby a mix of Furlough and job retention plan to certain sectors would of been a more sustainable
longer Term solution.
Many web based giants like Amazon/Google/Apple have increased revenues in the
pandemic period along with the major food retailers like Tesco and Ocado with stock prices rising - We as a Country need to pay for this pandemic and must look to those companies that have benefited to to the Government coffers and help pay for this
crisis as a moral undertaking as the cost is going to carry on for next 6 months or more.

We can talk things up all we want but the reality is large well known companies will fail
new ones will start in the Travel sector and retail.

The unemployment and money in peoples pockets will dictate demand and i see people
not taking more than one holiday or break a year if at all for at least next 12 months.