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Speakthetruth • 1 month ago

The acid test is whether the customer's Travel Insurance Policy covers them for travel to a destination that the FCDO advises against all, or all but essential travel. If it does not cover the customer, then they absolutely must not travel. Is On the Beach and Love Holidays aware of this?

James Hill • 1 month ago

the fault seems to lie with the nature of the FCO advice that does not distinguish between the low possibility of a traveller/tourist developing Covid whilst abroad (which may not in itself be of danger to the individual) .....and the danger to life from civil unrest, terrorism or extreme dangers in particular areas of certain countries. The FCO is no longer regarded with the respect needed for the FCO advice to be of any use

Philip • 1 month ago

The foreign office should simply cancel traffic rights for all Airlines from UK to any country that is on the do not travel list full stop this solves the problem
Britain is an Island and it is simple to protect our borders.
ABTA is a dinosaur and ATOL is redundant it is time to stop lining the pockets of Chris Photi
and others who find ways to work the system to their own benefit they are mere spectators.
The regulation must be moved from the UK CAA and put in the hands of the Fsa as it is the credit card providers now who dictate trading more than ever as they are the ones at risk.
The industry needed to change pre Covid now more than ever the changes must be sweeping.
All the companies that are opting out of ABTA are doing so as they would go bust if they
paid back the legitimate amounts of refunds they should and are dodging their liabilities
lets be clear on this.

Momo • 1 month ago

Even though flights still fly and hotels are open against FCO advice people can’t travel because health insurance is void if FCO advise against travel to that destination and some countries don’t allow you in without insurance so what can you do as a traveler then ? Nothing you will loose all your money

Fabio • 1 month ago

"Hotels open against FCO advice" why should they not open? The FCO naturally has no jurisdiction to hotels overseas.

pevans • 1 month ago

nonsense - there are plenty of policies that work even when fco advice is not to go