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Peter Manlay • 7 months ago

"In a statement, Lufthansa said 6.3 million passengers have now been reimbursed and all claims received to the end June have been settled."
"It said: “Only complex cases requiring additional processing are still outstanding [from the period to June]."
These are lies. Lufthansa have not paid all claims.
I cancelled flights on March 16th - prior to Lufthansa cancelling flights due to covid. At that time T&C's in place obligated them to refund me "in days" and by law within 7days. Mine is not a complex case - I cancelled, they owe me, and they admit they owe me.
On several occasions they have verbally and in writing promised that payment would be made within days.
Maybe I shouldn't be surprised by the lies and obstruction from customer services when the CEO plays fast and loose with the truth. In mid June - according to German media, Carsten Spohr stated that all refunds would be paid within 6 weeks - by the end of July. Its now the end of September.
I wrote to Carsten asking him why I hadn't been paid, why he hadn't kept his promise to pay all refunds by the end of July, and why he instructs his customer service teams to lie on his behalf.
His flunky replied without answering these questions or telling me when I would be paid.
Why should Lufthansa and the German government illegally withhold my money to keep its ailing flagship going?