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Geoff Douse • 2 months ago

What a surprise.The comedians waited an extra week to do the inevitable after Scotland and Wales.

For the travel trade It’s never over till the fat lady sings but there is a definite warm up taking place. Absolutely disgraceful the way this government are treating outbound travel.

PeterM • 2 months ago

100% inaccurate. This government is doing a perfect balancing act to ensure the safety of me and all UK citizens. Not to do so would be a disaster. To see changes regardless of when, how and to who proves unquestionably what an excellent job our government advisers are doing. Recently the '' top '' twenty UK towns/cities who rate most dangerous where listed, surprisingly all ARE populated by one ethnic group - certainly not a racial prejudice - just a fact of life. You will be believing what you say next.

Geoff Douse • 2 months ago

100% inaccurate. I don’t think so. They use a guess of 20 per 100,000 being a guideline with no basis for it.

Everything they do is guesswork. Hancock has admitted the “Power of 6” is a guess.
Huge number of MPs disagree with him.

If you trust this government to ensure your safety god help you. Just hope you don’t become very ill with anything other Covid because you won’t be treated. Just look at cancer sufferers unable to have check ups.

You need to get in the real world.