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Clive Buchanan • 3 months ago

Why are the canaries still on for September

Julie drewls • 2 months ago

Because the Gvmt has NOT banned travel.

steve kane • 3 months ago

hereis the truth Boris

The coronavirus figures for Thursday showed a new record for the
daily number of new positive cases over a 24-hour period - 525. The
regional health ministry reports that there have been no further
fatalities, that the total number of cases since the start of the
pandemic is now 7,570, and that 4,788 people have recovered - 292 more
than on Wednesday.

The ministry also explains that 32 outbreaks have been detected this
week - 20 in Majorca, nine in Minorca and three in Ibiza. There are a
further 61 active outbreaks. Since the beginning of May, the Covid
Coordination Centre has identified 127 outbreaks in all. Of 133 positive
cases related to the outbreaks this week, 71 have shown symptoms but
not required hospitalisation; the other 62 were asymptomatic. A further
256 close contacts have been followed up.

In terms of the number of people in hospital with Covid, this has
gone down since Wednesday. There were 292 patients in hospitals in the
Balearics on Wednesday. There are now 285, of whom 255 are in Majorca
(seven fewer). In Minorca, the number has gone down by one to three,
while in Ibiza it has increased by one to 27. In Majorca, however, the
number of patients in intensive care has risen by three to 36. In Ibiza
this number has gone down from six to five. There are no intensive care
patients in Minorca.

Julie drewls • 2 months ago


The figures you are quoting are way out of date.

Spain is now exceeding 8000 per day new infections.

Malaga has seen a doubling of daily hospital admissions, and indeed over the last 5 days has seen in excess of 300 new infections daily.

Madrid is seeing 3000 new infections daily.

Steve, cut down on the Malt Vinegar, it causes your troll to take over your life.

steve kane • 3 months ago

Boris,Shapps & the rest of them have got a lot to answer for. Where is the PROOF, gentleman that the Islands are in a worse state than the MAINLAND. TUI,JET2 ,BA and the other AIRLINES must get together and employ the best QC in the land and take the government to task over the way it is blocking travel to destinations were the infection rates are low, The Government must be made to show the proof positive that they are doing this because of high rates of infection and that it is not just POLITICAL. Enough of sending letters to Boris and co start a legal action agaist its decisions.

Julie drewls • 2 months ago

Oh dear, Steve the Troll must have been on the Malt Vinegar again !

PeterM • 3 months ago

More inane drivel from SK. All announcements from HMG are based on the best medical and scientific brains we have. Health before Wealth. Czech Rep has just been removed from the 'green' safety signal and quite right. My son who has lived in Prague for the last 11 years told me yesterday that figures are increasing daily and to forget about a visit for at least 6 weeks. Our Gov got it right again - well done Boris and crew.

steve kane • 3 months ago

Peter check if you want the numbers of infections on Mallorca/and the Canaires they are much lower than mainland spain and yet Shapps and his crew have blocked them so tell me WHY

Julie drewls • 2 months ago

Oh dear Mr. Kane.

You simply don't understand much do you.

If the daily infections exceed 20 per 100,000 then the UK will close the place down and you need to quarantine.

Balearic Islands is 126 per 100,000

Canary Islands is 38 per 100,000

Madrid is 201 per 100,000

Costa del Sol is 108 per 100,000