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Dev Indur Bhojwani • 2 months ago

TUI can always rely on TW to write glowing, sycophantic puff-pieces in order to keep public sentiment favourable.

Will • 2 months ago

Agree - that strong brand and reputation definitely damaged. My clients definitely being directed away from TUI for S21. Just hope Jet2 see this as an opportunity to expand and capitalise on this by serving some of the currently unserved areas of the UK eg LGW, CWL and BRS to break the TUI stranglehold.

Sadie Rashid • 2 months ago

To be honest I know this isn’t going to be received well but ah who cares. I actually don’t see the need for agents/agencies on the high street anymore. After COVID the shift is to book online. TUI will clearly survive this as they have done for years. Jet2 are an excellent company but they won’t come to the south east. Too much competition especially as it’s EasyJet’s largest base. Better deals are to be found online than by an agent/agency so I think the ones moaning on here (the usual ones) about TUI, I think you should really start looking at the bigger more DIGITAL picture. More and more people are booking direct now so if you’re directing your ‘clients’ away, then I can’t imagine that’ll do them much harm. Good luck.

Peter E • 2 months ago

My maths is not up to much: How much is "More than half of 50% of the group’s hotels"? Help please.

steve kane • 2 months ago

Again all TUI are interested in is saving money,going digital and loseing more jobs in the long run But when we do get back to normal how are they going to give as they say a first class service to its customers with fewer shops, staff ect both in the UK and more to the point In resort they complain about the loss of income but to date they have had almost 5 BILLION euros from the german Government to bail then out and in its own words they have on hand in cash 1.8 billion euros there own figures not mine. they are a German company back by the german government and yet they will noy repay its ENGLISH customers refunds so BOO HOO to poor TUI.

Cathy Jenkins • 2 months ago

Oh here we go again! Mr Positive! Do you ever have anything positive to say about anything? First you target TUI then target Hays Travel, who’s left on your list?

steve kane • 2 months ago

Cathey can you please stop this nonsense about me and Hays Travel i have NOT and Never will say anything bad about them they have done good through out the pandemic please stop this

Cathy Jenkins • 2 months ago

You moan constantly about everything! The fact that your profile says customer is king says a lot! That arrogance detriments the travel industry because you then feel that you are ENTITLED! Which isn’t the case! Customers are of course important but so are tour operators. Without them you have no holidays. So maybe think these things through before you critic the industry that gives you ‘what you work so hard for’ every year!!

steve kane • 2 months ago

Mrs , Miss, Ms Jenkins

The CUSTOMER us/we /then what ever you want to call us are the only ones that PAY YOUR WAGES without the CUSTOMER you would NOT have a job and yes THE CUSTOMER IS /WILL BE KING BECAUSE WE /US /THEM have very long memories as far a agents & Tour operators and will not forgive what they have done regarding refunds / RCNs and the like we/us/them ARE ENTITLED to receive the service we payfor throughout the process not just while we/us/them are booking the holiday.And TUI have not as yet given the service that is expected of the so called bigest travel company in the world so i say to you step up to the plate TUI and pay your dedts to your CUSTOMERS.

Paulie • 2 months ago

Another deluded rant. Steve, we all laugh at you behind your back, everything you say is so poisonous and inconsistently thick. Your rants are littered with spelling errors and poor grammar, your primary school education shows in what you rant and troll about and we're sick of it.

You shouldn't be here on this trade-only platform, and the fact that you think your (CUSTOMER) opinion is valid is totally laughable. Nobody cares about you and your trashy Jet2 (lol) holidays, you are an embarrasment to actual Customers whose qualified/educated and requested opinion is valid, supported and use to develop and improve this industry.

steve kane • 2 months ago

Thank god i dont have to endure you as my so called travel agent (what actual qualifications do you need to be a TRAVEL AGENTPaulie)when you can write on a site that you say is for the trade that CUSTOMER opinions are LAUGHABLE.i feel so sorry for your CUSTOMERS if thats your attitude. and is your reason for staying anonymous because you dont want your long suffering CUSTOMERS to see who is writing this bile.

Michelle Chamberlain • 1 month ago

You are horrible aren't you and I agree with Pauline your spelling is atrocious matey maybe you should set up a go fund me page for some dictionaries or maybe a thesaurus

Julie drewls • 2 months ago

Oh Dear Mr Kane, on your trolls again.

Business's are there to make MONEY for their share holders.

Cutting staff is part of keeping the business afloat.

Why have too many staff in the changing market place ?

No one is guaranteed a job for life anymore (except members of the Lords).

George100 • 2 months ago

They state their recovery will be built on their strong brand and reputation ? If Mr Flintham doesn’t demonstrate some decisive and strong leadership around the current woeful service levels and address customer anger around refunds, that strong brand will remain badly damaged. I believe on the contrary because of their much better (not perfect by any means tho) performance from Jet2 and Jet2 Holidays, TUI will have lost a lot of previously loyal customers and agents.