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MC48 • 2 months ago

I will not even consider booking a cruise until at least the middle of next year. It would be no holiday if extensive preventive measures are in place. The joy of a cruise is mingling, not isolating.

Consumer • 2 months ago

I have said before on here and say again now. Cruise lines need to just cancel all cruises until at least summer 2021 season. This would mean consumers are not given false hopes they will be travelling and also allows other countries time to get on top of this virus without more tourists bringing in new cases of it.
The same should also apply to airlines and tour operators. Just look at how countries are being amended on the so called safe travel list. We should not yet be travelling.
Fingers crossed for vaccinations to become available in the near to mid future, then we start to enjoy our cruises and holidays once more.

Fabio • 2 months ago

They will not cancel till summer 2021 as it would interrupt their cashflow. Cruise lines are playing a numbers game. Keep cruises on sale with the expectation that only 50% will ask for a refund once cancelled. The remainder become unofficial creditors to the lines with the enticement of "125%" FCC. To be clear these are only "125%" FCC's if the cruises are priced identically or less for 2021. What are the chances of that!!!