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Chris Williams • 2 months ago

Easy way to resolve this. Sit in your seat until everyone within 2 metres of you has disembarked. Take as little hand luggage as possible. If it means RA can't turn around the aircraft in 15 minutes, so what? Are they going to fine you?

Bruns • 2 months ago

Having recently taken a Ryanair flight to Italy I concur with ENAC. Social distancing wasn't happening in the queue to board and it certainly wasn't being encouraged or policed by Ryanair gate staff. Passengers dizzy with their newfound freedom are quick to forget the guidance put in place to keep them safe. And after parking the minute the seat belt sign went off it was the usual mad rush to grab bags and stand as close as possible to someone else waiting to disembark. Everyone piled into the aisles as it wearing a mask for 2.5 hours gave them the right to be stupid the minute the flight was over. This made a mockery of the whole idea of social distancing and the cabin crew did nothing to stop it. Perhaps having people get up and remove overhead cabin luggage aisle by aisle would have been smarter without compromising Ryanair's tight turnaround times...