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Patrick Doyle • 2 months ago

A lot of people are hurting in the travel world at this moment in time. It does not help that the UK government when it comes to travel is all over the place. We see the blame game in a big way, the demonising of companies and individuals is not very edifying. Now we see the poor old Travel Weekly getting a kicking for having the audacity to print press releases, talk about putting the boot into the messenger. I am not insensitive to the anger in our industry (don’t get me going about refunds and we should have a minster for tourism) take a deep breath, make your comments more nuanced and with less bile, it comes across better and is seen as less of a rant.

Lee • 2 months ago

It is not the role of "press" to print press releases without question. It is their job to question, investigate and print unbiased news. The fact that these press release articles so blatantly have so many factual omissions in them makes it worse. The messenger in this instance is putting the boot into 100's of people and companies who have possibly been effected by some very underhand and potentially illegal practices whilst the Hays are given free reign.

Patrick Doyle • 2 months ago

I have to respectfully disagree with you Lee. It is the role of the media to print press releases, good, bad, indifferent. As you can see from the comments with this press release there is a very passionate response to it. The travel press will see a lot of comments in regard to these announced redundancies so their will be more emotional and passionate comments of that there is no doubt.

Tom Parsley • 2 months ago

A fair point -but in truth i don't believe anybody was playing the 'blame game '- they were challenging the facts - if you print an article/press release etc your readers have the right to make alternative comments

Patrick Doyle • 2 months ago

You are quite right Tom people do indeed have a right to make alternative comments. My point was how to make the alternative comments have a bigger impact. If it comes across as a rant it loses it’s veracity.

Amy Cinderby • 2 months ago

I am one of these many people being made redundant... We are on a 45 day consultation period and are basically left waiting but the way this article sounds is that we have already lost our jobs so looks like they know something we don't.
The fact that experienced staff were recruited in June without actually just bringing us on furlough back to us the training we have already recieved just adds salt to the wounds as effectively you have just replaced us.
Maybe next time interview some of the people affected and get both sides of the story

🤯 • 2 months ago

Am to one that has been given 45 days they lied to press in march saying no one was facing redundancies and we was 7 days in to it. They also seemed to not want to furlough them ppl when they was given the choice.

I gave up a job to go work for hays n after how they have messed us around, treated us and more experienced? Apprentice thats paid pennies by the government lol.

Experienced in what? Most people been on holiday and can book online?
Sales experience they wasnt interested. They have messed us around, forced us to take hoilday while furloughed so could pay us less and all so government will pick up the bill.

I have never experienced such poor way to treat staff in my life! We was promised the world n given nothing but fake promises and lies.

The truth is these care about how they look in media! Who recruits during a pandemic? Food places in demand yeah not the worst effected industry thats for sure.

The lied to customers about marketing insurance when the covid hit playing to the insecurities and then their rush insurance never even covered it.

So people go to hays and book, when something happens you get told they just the middle person. What a load of rubbish.

Staff can re apply? I wouldnt give you the pleasure of ruining my work life again! Its appalling how you havent even gave a thought Hays what you have done to the staff that was loyal to Hays. I really hope that people see Hays for what they really are and hopefully it doesnt result in them either loosing money with you or their families income thats relied on!

You really are something else Hays family. Twice you have done this to the same groups and in the worst, unprofessional ways possible

Vincenzo • 2 months ago

Ridiculous, if they make staff redundant there is a statutory 6 months open door before they can re-employ others in the same role. Who on earth is allowing these narcosis to write their own TW articles passed off as positive developing news?

Tom Parsley • 2 months ago

agree -TW is like the SUN of travel writing - sad

Haysrelative • 2 months ago

So why then are experienced staff at the Aberdeen Bon Accord on furlough whilst you have new "experienced" staff working on min wage?

Getreal • 2 months ago

Seriously is travel journalism so weak you will publish press releases without question. Speak to the staff. Speak to the IG members especially those closed down due to business practices. Your choice but when covid is over and it all comes out it's your reputation.

Tom Parsley • 2 months ago

I would agree - travel journalism is pathetic - nothing but re hashes of press releases and self indulgent web casts - the lack of 'real journalism ' in these times has been a failing of all travel media -too scared to take on the 'establishment '

Geoff Douse • 2 months ago

Have always wondered why is it nearly always the same agencies that win the awards year after year and the same travel people who are the ones with opinions published in both main travel papers. Just look back and you will see who they are.

Fabio • 2 months ago

I do agree. TW journalists are far to focused on pampering to the travel trade ensuring that they maintain their freebies, overseas trips and advertising revenue. They could not possibly write a negative article regarding Hays or they would pull their ads. Of course this is all celebrated at their annual award ceremony when the same companies win the same awards every year. I fully expect lifetime achievement awards for the Hays's at the next one!

Lee • 2 months ago

You win the internet with that comment!

Stuart • 2 months ago

I worked for this Company ,Poor wages are the norm , apprentices paid for buy the Goverment consist of a third of the staff .Take my word for it the experiance staff they talk about are very unhappy and have been since before this all started .The current crisis has only compounded the situation