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Siteka • 2 months ago

Majorca infection rate 9.22. UK infection rate 15.1. You are safer in the Balearics than Bradford. If the FCO did internal advice they would be advising against any non essential travel in the UK i.e. staycations.

Speakthetruth • 2 months ago

Its been widely reported that Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary flew out to Ibiza with his family on Saturday morning aware that the 14-day quarantine rule could be imposed from Sunday. It's understood Mr Shapps had originally decided to press ahead with his holiday and then quarantine on his return to the UK, to avoid a possible UK media and public backlash. Grant Shapps is MP for Welwyn and Hatfield in Hertfordshire and lives not far from Luton and Stansted airports.

duncanheenan • 2 months ago

If the Government want the airlines & tour operators to survive they will need to introduce a scheme to provide a guarantee of refunds for cancellations if they want anyone to book a trip in the foreseeable future. I am now waiting for 2 refunds, and I had to wait 4 months earlier in the year for one, which only came after I started legal action. If it's OK for the government to subsidise the restaurants and cafes for a month, why not help our airlines survive? Or if they want us to have holidays in the UK, perhaps they should do something about the weather!

duncanheenan • 2 months ago

All I wanted to do was to test my eyesight in the Canary Islands!
It is hard to see how this latest U turn is 'driven by the science'. I know that the situation is rapidly developing, but the Government is showing every indication that it is dithering, and being driven by someone whose eyesight actually needs testing!

steve kane • 2 months ago

This is nothing to do with the infection rates on the Islands ,they are very low indeed .
Boris has decided that to place all CUSTOMERS into Quarantine on arrival back into the UK will be more damageto him then anything else , Yes customers from the areas that are high in risk on the mainland should be Quarantined but the fairest way was to stop flights to the mainland and leave the Islands alone as they were/are ok as far as INFECTIONS are concernedHowever because he and his people (CUMMINGS FOR ONE) have thought about the impact of ALL those CUSTOMERS who will have to stay at home for a further 14 days causing vast problems to the economy they have decided to do away with the need to self isolate and said to them selves B---S to this lets just stop everyone going away to Spain and the Islands and that solves the problem. NOTHING TO DO WITH THE INFECTION RATES ON THE ISLANDS more to do with COVERING HIS A--E WELL DONE BORIS another fine mess you have got yourself in .so lets see and wait for another U TURN on this.
On this occasion i do feel for the TOUR OPERATORS they have had enough to deal with and they could have done without Borisagain C---ING THIS UP.

Guest • 2 months ago
Guest • 2 months ago
Dej • 2 months ago

The day Government bans selling food is the day that your argument makes any sense!