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ChrisJ • 2 months ago

The Balearics and Canary Islands are currently benefiting from a huge influx of visitors from ..... mainland Spain. I really don't want government policy dictated by disappointed travellers and the likes of fork-tongued Flintham.

AlanBowen • 2 months ago

Another shambles foisted on the travel industry, but if the Care Minister, who was the poor sap sold to BBC Breakfast this morning is to be believed, and that is a big 'if', then the government is not planning any change and certainly not regional limits.

In her view people can travel from one place to another within a country and carry the virus with them. TUI were perhaps unwise to use the case of Florida to suggest cases in New York should not prevent people travelling to Orlando, in fact it is the Floridians who are banned from travelling to most of the rest of the US due to the level of the virus in the State. And where does the President spend every weekend? Is he required to quarantine when returns to DC? I suspect not.

Patrick Doyle • 2 months ago

“Right, send out the communique, all travellers coming back from Spain will have to quarantine for 14 days as from midnight” said the Minster. “His civil servant advisor Gabriel Grayson, wanted more clarification. “You do realise sir, that the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands have lower Covid-19 levels than the UK”. “Good point well made Gabriel, okay people can still go there, that said, they will still have to self isolate when they come back”. “With the greatest of respect minster, the islands groups are quite separate from the mainland is that wise”. “I am acting on medical advice Gabriel, Spain has had spikes, they are technically part of Spain end of. “But Minster, you will be sending out mixed messages”. “Is that new from us in regard to Covid-19, mixed messages”. “I suppose not Minster” replied Gabriel as he walked slowly out of the Minsters office.