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steve kane • 2 months ago

To refund anyone takes a click on a computer TUI already have ALL the details they need to refund money they can take your money over the net ASAP when it is paid to them so why not vice versa. Mr

Andrew FlinthamisWRONG when He rebutted accusations from consumer groups that the operator had been
purposefully prolonging the refund process to hold onto cash, saying:
“We always said we would first of all try to rebook customers and if
they didn’t want to we would offer them a cash refund. We offered them
incentives to keep their booking.His words fall short of what TUI did do and that is they KEPT/KEEP customers money for as long as they liked dispite the FACT they have Millions of EUROS on hand and a 1.8 Billion euro LOAN FROM THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT
They just dont care about its customers once they have your money

Dev Indur Bhojwani • 2 months ago

Surprise, surprise...TW gives TUI another chance to puff itself!
Is TW the de facto PR agent for the likes of TUI, G Adventures, Hays etc.,?

Kane Pirie • 2 months ago

If TUI are finally able to follow the rules then they will be switch their lobbying on ABTA to get everyone else to fall in line. There really isn't much of an option following the CMA letter. Suspect the tide has turned on this now.

ChrisJ • 2 months ago

More false promises and half truths, the nerve of this guy. Where's my refund? 73 days and counting. When will the CMA take punitive action against TUI, or maybe Abta growing a pair and suspending their membership?

James K • 2 months ago

Why would ABTA suspend their best paying member for doing exactly as ABTA advised? On the other hand, we’ve already watched ABTA’s festival of nonsense, so maybe they will surprise us with another absurd.

James K • 2 months ago

So another half truth from tui. They are still illegally forcing you to accept a voucher first and then you may apply for refund. Which - from experience - you won’t see for another month or you will receive only partial refund and further empty promises.