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Master of the house • 2 months ago

My sincere apologies to those amazing Travel 2 staff. Hays will dump you the moment there is a glitch. Exactly as they did with me and former TC staff, many who Hays paid off rather than furlough. If you get a job take the money an look to run. Rest assured though - Hays will just not pay their Independence Group members for another 6 months to pay for it. Travel Weekly and the gulliable press bubble will however continue to ignore the facts even though they are aware of them. To think that Hays actually had the cheak to report JTA to the CAA for not having liquidity.

PeterM • 2 months ago

Travel 2 are closing Glasgow for a specific reason. Andrew refers to '' deep pockets '' - when Hays announced the TC shop take over my conservation additional operating cost was c £45/50 million having to achieve c£600 million more in sales. Frightening ?

lorraine • 2 months ago

What specific reason would that be?

northernagent • 2 months ago

Survival of the fittest isn’t it. Two brands selling the same product to the same people... clearly GM must perform better generate more revenue / margin so T2 must go... if it was the other way round then GM would be the one to go

Andrew • 2 months ago

That is good news for the Travel 2 staff. Hays certainly have deep pockets. Just hope they dont over stretch themselves in these uncertain times. But some good news is always welcome.

northernagent • 2 months ago

be all the government contracts they got that they refused to talk to TW about

Pauline Kerr • 2 months ago

Such good news for all the staff at Travel2 who loved their job and are still devastated that Travel2 decided to close the Glasgow office.My daughter was so sad and thought she'd definitely have to leave an industry she worked so hard in and loved.This news means she and all the others will have a chance to stay in the industry they love.Good luck to all who apply.

Patrick Doyle • 2 months ago

With all the doom and glum and in fighting in the travel world, we have a chink of good news. Their would have been a lot of worried Travel 2 staff, now from despair they have hope.