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steve kane • 2 months ago

Which consumers/customers are looking towards ABTA for help and confidence.
The Consumers/customers should by now know that ABTA is only in existance to support its puppet masters . It will always be that way because its they that pay the wages of ABTA staff, and why would Mr Tanzer expect consumers/customers to belive anything that comes out of his mounth when he will not even TELL his masters that, no ifs or buts pay up the cash that you owe the consumer/customer. Remember this ABTA/ travel industry come 2021 THE CONSUMER/CUSTOMER WILL BE KING

Chris Williams • 2 months ago

The reason why ABTA has had 1.2 million hits on its website is down to angry, frustrated fobbed-off customers who wrongly were led to believe that ABTA actually had a role to play in standing up for them. Suddenly, the disappointment kicks in when they realise ABTA is no more than a mouthpiece for the travel industry, a lobby group putting industry ahead of its customers.

For any agents reading this, and are still members of ABTA, do your self a favour and save the subscription. If you use ABTA's badge, you are seriously limiting the number of potential customers you will attract. ABTA is now a badge of shame, not pride, and we will long remember their attempts to help many agents and operators wriggle out of their legal obligations.

James K • 2 months ago

Couldn't say it better. IF I ever decide to use any travel company or agent, my first question will be "are you an ABTA member". If yes, I will just politely say "thank you" and leave.

steve kane • 2 months ago

Thanks for your support and well said