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ChrisJ • 2 months ago

TUI promise a RCN cash refund WITHIN 28 days of a request - that's only after its waited 28 days after your departure date to send you the unsolicited RCN. Well they are still not even close to fulfilling that despite their statement that they are on top of the refund situation. 58 days after requesting my money back I am still waiting. That's 86 days after they sent me the RCN I didn't ask for and 72 days over the legal requirement. No wonder around 75% of customers don't trust abta.

Ash Willcroft • 2 months ago

Any day now the usual suspects will launch a campaign to petition ABTA to prevent the RCNs to be paid back in cash!

steve kane • 2 months ago

What is

John de Vialtalking about when he says This is about balancing different rights and interests The only right was/is the right for ALL CUSTOMERS to have a cash refund within the LAW. This chap is just another one of the industrys Puppets who do as they are told by ABTA MEMBERS .He is a disgrace to all CUSTOMERS who were given worthless bits of paper and Richard Moriarty at the CAA should now have the B---S to fine those that have not yet refunded the CUSTOMERS enough is enough

Julie drewls • 2 months ago

Bit early to be on the Sauce Steve.

Kane Pirie • 2 months ago

Good news, ABTA think travel companies should pay their debts when they fall due, as long as it is debts under their own Refund Credit Note scheme.

It is also depressing to see ABTA still claim Refund Credit Notes have accelerated payments to customers. That is just nonsense. The only refund credit notes I have seen formalise a loan from the customer to the travel company for a period of 12 months from date of issue. So if I receive my Refund Credit Note 3 months after cancellation then I wait 15 months for my money.

As per the CAA website 90% of Thomas Cook claims were settled within 3 months.

Spot the difference?

Everyone recognised 14 days was too tight but equally wanting 12 months from date of issue was and is too long / greedy.

The length of time the industry is asking customers to wait matters.