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Anonymous • 2 months ago

They are not accepting voluntary redundancies

Anonymous • 2 months ago

Sad times for travel

Beth1 • 2 months ago

As an employee of Barrhead this is incredibly worrying. Especially when we only found out about this is via this article. The company has not communicated to staff that redundancies are happening. How is it fair we have to hear about this via the press and then live in fear of the phone ringing !!!??

Jack • 2 months ago

They have already made their redundancies on Friday as far as I know. Me being one of them, so I wouldn’t worry.

Anne Frank • 2 months ago

Hmm... Why is Barrhead Travel declining to tell how many people are affected ?

“Redundancy Selection and Consultation
If the redundancy involves more than 20 people, it is called a collective redundancy. Special conditions apply to collective redundancies. The employer must notify the government and must consult with employees or their representatives for specified lengths of time before the redundancies actually take place. These are 30 days if the redundancy affects between 20 and 99 workers in total and 90 days if the redundancy affects more than that.

Your employer is required to consult you about the upcoming redundancy. This means there should, at a minimum, be a private meeting in which the organisation’s managers speak to you individually. There may also be collective consultation.

If you are being made redundant, the employer is required to explain to you why the redundancy is occurring, and what the selection criteria were (if not all employees are being made redundant). These selection criteria must be objectively-based. That means they must be grounded in something concrete and measurable. It is not an acceptable practice for an employer to just pick out his least favourite employees for redundancy.” ...

Jimbo • 2 months ago

Comments still open?

Billy M • 2 months ago

That’s a lie. Over a hundred were made redundant last week. No consultation, just a 2 minute telephone call and an email later that afternoon. Barrhead have made a mess of things during this crisis. It’ll be a shell of the company it once was at the end of this.

crusierx • 2 months ago

I'm afraid of you had been with the company for less than 2 years it's not really classed as being made redundant.

I've been there for nearly 9 and haven't heard anything... But to be honest I'm actully hoping for it

GailH • 2 months ago

Well as someone who has just been made redundant from the business this comment is very disappointing and angering to read.

If you no longer wish to continue your employment please leave, and give someone else who does wish to the chance to keep their job.

In this economy, reading that your hoping for it is so poor. I would give a lot to be able to continue my employment in the business.

crusierx • 2 months ago

Can't afford to just leave.

The realality of the situation is that travel as a whole... Not just with Barrhead is going be really screwed for the next couple of years.

But il tell you the biggest reason... Barrhead decided to tell the media before they told their staff.... How do you think that makes is feel?

GailH • 2 months ago

In all honesty I don't see how the business not telling you about redundancies would make you want it, however I never argued the fact the lack of communication has been poor.

And again, agree with your point that it is a wider industry issue as well, however that only backs my point of 'be thankful you still have a job'.

I'm sure you can contact the HR department to discuss voluntary redundancy if your that keen.