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ChrisJ • 3 months ago

I and many other customers have acquired a great understanding of how the travel industry works. Take customers money, don't deliver, refuse refunds, issue unsolicited credit notes, force customers to ask for their legal rights, continue to sell holidays which you have no chance of fulfilling, and let's not forget travel companies changing payment terms for their suppliers and hotels by not paying them what they are due for services already provided .. . I'm guessing there's little public support for helping such an industry.

Triclinium • 3 months ago

That is a very sweeping statement without any backup source material. Not all firms have acted in the same way. For example, Trailfinders has refunded £115 million and I personally know of a firm that has refunded over £1 million and taken out a loan to cover it. The public want cheap travel and travel operators , generally speaking, operate on very thin margins. If they refund all of the cash taken, the travel industry would be decimated. As it is, the industry has had to put up with government insouciance , the ridiculous quarantine and delay and indecision with regard to the lifting of travel advice. Every day this exacerbates the problems and leads to job losses and company collapses. I am not defending the worst perpetrators of refunds but please realise there are two sides to every story.

ChrisJ • 2 months ago

It may be sweeping, and a few may have done what the law requires, but there IS plenty of so called backup, that's why the CMA is crawling all over the industry. Where did that demand for investigation come from - the public that were being ripped off, so I still maintain there would be little public support for giving away taxpayers money.