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Mohamed Ennour • 4 months ago

good morning
may i know if you are intrested to Tunisia as a destination?

Covid19isnottheproblem • 5 months ago

I am sure that those 100 plus independent group members will have been thrilled to see Mr & Mrs on the news this morning smirking about launching a recruitment drive. I would be sniggering too if I was low enough to take money off family and small businesses to bail out my own. Saviour of the high street? More like saviour of their own bank balance.

Why does Travel Weekly, TTG, BBC and the rest sit back and watch this? You know it is going on but say nothing.

JONES • 5 months ago

They remind me of TV Couple " The Speakmans"

Worldtraveller • 5 months ago

Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd:

Miss Gruntled • 5 months ago

It's so lovely to see such genuine unbridled love between two people who work and live together...isn't it..

PeterM • 5 months ago

Have you ever heard of '' stage managed '' // '' playing to the camera ''

Ash Willcroft • 5 months ago

TW being the well-trodden stage for companies like Hays, TUI, G Adventures, Intrepid etc.,

DisneyMad • 5 months ago

Perhaps Hays should stop appearing in the trade press and speak to the many many members of the Independence Group who are extremely unhappy at the moment.

Travel away • 5 months ago

At last people seeing through the PR bubble that is Hays

123321travel • 5 months ago

Agree. We are leaving as they have changed

JillP • 5 months ago

So it would appear are many others. I was chatting to another member today who keeps getting told that no one is unhappy