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Kane Pirie • 3 months ago


TUI owe me a refund, so for sure, they are NOT up to date with refunds nothing like.

How strange there is money for marketing and jet fuel but not money to pay their debts to customers.

Ash Willcroft • 3 months ago

Who in their right mind will ever trust TUI, let alone book with them, ever again?

The writing was on the wall for TUI in France, which is why they've pretty much closed down all their high street shops there. For good.

Jennifer Knowland • 3 months ago

No TUi have not done a good job! My friend and I landed in Jamaica on 12th March. We were denied entry and locked up for 24 hours in disgusting conditions before a return flight to UK. TUI have ignored all my emails and put the phone down on me if I've got through it was a very traumatic experience and we are still waiting for a full refund. Where was TUI's responsibility when we did not get on the airport transfer or checkin to the hotel? Basically we were 2 missing females in Jamaica and TUI did nothing!!! Thoroughly disgusted with THEM!

Joanna West • 3 months ago

My holiday was cancelled in March. I am STILL fighting for my refund, so no, they have not done a good job.

J Morgan • 3 months ago

The comments are hardly fair, the staff have not been allowed in shops to work, not all staff have access to TUI data base and cancellations on there home computers and then you have the risk of data breaches if people have to work from home with inadequate security.

On balance TUI have done a better job,m than the UK government who refused to take notice of the covid virus in February and still did sweet FA on inbound passengers to the UK.

Time people woke up and faced reality, even the UK Gov Health sector had no basics like gloves and masks, so time to people looked inward at the UK Gov handling of the crisis they helped to make ten times worse

ChrisJ • 3 months ago

Ah, the old blame the government distraction technique. TUI acted, and continue to act, disgracefully. Nothing can take away from that.

James K • 3 months ago

No, they did not do a better job. They didn't do any job to fulfill their contractual obligations. Instead they decided to follow ABTA's unlawful advice, make the contact impossible and force customers to accept RCNs instead working with and for them. No one expected instant refunds. People just expected to be treated with respect. I liked Wizzair's approach: they offered a 110% value voucher which one had to accept within 3 days via link in the email. Otherwise they issued cash refund, adding that it may take a bit longer. After some 30 days the refund was in my bank account. No need for thousands of operators, no excuses that they're dealing with unprecedented number of calls, no pushing for vouchers. No one blames TUI employees - they just follow orders. Although if my employer put me in this type of situation and expected to deal with angry customers because of their own poor decisions, I would just quit.

ChrisJ • 3 months ago

Does this guy really believe this rubbish he is spouting? His customers certainly don't, just look at their Twitter feed and Trustpilot reviews. Apparently the latest wheeze seems to be to accept a customers request for a refund via the online form then after a few weeks say the RCN code is invalid, another is to claim they haven't refunded as they have the wrong email address despite sending the RCN and various propaganda mails to the right one. That good old TUI promise eh?

Chris Williams • 3 months ago

They are desperately clinging on to the idea that fresh summer bookings will give them enough cash to refund the hundreds of thousands of outstanding refund requests, RCNs etc. All they are doing is kicking the can down the road. Here's some free advice to TUI: customers still wish to cancel July and August as they are too afraid to fly, worried about the holiday experience when they get there, or worried about quarantine when they get home. YOU WILL NOT GET FRESH BOOKINGS. So if the business cash flow is predicated on new cash from customers, forget it. And the loss of trust in your business is such that paying punters would prefer to go with an ethical company in future - Vivid Travel, Hays, Jet2 - you know, the ones who did the right thing.

James K • 3 months ago

Couldn’t say it better - 100% agree.

Travel Weekly Administrator • 3 months ago

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