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Pete Hensey • 3 months ago

Booked with hays to go on cruise and hotel in the usa in September also doing the parks ,but with all that ongoing face masks and the U.S GVNT not allowing British in thought rebooking would be easy ,, they told us that flights are going, great but now we face charges for cancellation and told next yrs is 3 x times the price,
Hays travel seem to be adding on surcharges , garuntee does not apply

Mariak • 3 months ago

Just a shame many of the Hays Independent Group members will not be opening again due to hays double dipping into their commissions. Money already held in Hays bank accounts but then asking members to pay it again! I guess that is how you run a company without debt.

Andy Tomlinson • 3 months ago

Can I just get this correct then Travel Weekly/Hays Travel? If someone has a holiday booked with Hays Travel, with any tour operator, to Greece, the Canaries, or the Balearics, for August/September/October 2020, which they've already paid for in full (or paid just a deposit on), then if the customer decides to cancel off their own back (and not because of airline/tour op/FCO cancellation), Hays Travel will refund the client all of the monies paid to date?

James Marchant • 3 months ago

It's for any new Htol booking (Hays own brand holidays) using most of the scheduled airlines available (nothing low cost). And you can book to go anywhere you like. USA? Spain? There is no restrictions on destination.

Guest • 3 months ago

So basically for the vast majority of Hays customers booking from regional airports to Spain, Greece etc, this guarantee is useless as it’s all low cost airlines on the routes. This especially applies to Hays home area in the North East out of Newcastle where all the main holiday routes are low cost airlines only.

David M • 3 months ago

It's definitely just on their HTOL product - John corrected Irene on the TTG video with Sophie. But this is very very misleading - just a quick look on Hays social channels shows customers questioning it. I imagine this would be a job for the ASA if a customer complained.

Guest • 3 months ago

It says on selected new bookings. It does not say all bookings. But the article does not make it clear what the selected new bookings are?