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Disgruntled Agent • 2 months ago

The hypocrisy from this guy is unprecedented. Clearly his own business is in trouble & he feels the need to deflect the attention to others. Practise what you preach. Agents won’t be booking with G once the recovery starts.

Anonymous • 2 months ago

And the fact that TW are entertaining his complete lies shows that they are more interested in their advertising spend than the accuracy and honesty of their articles

JamesR • 2 months ago

Agreed. TW need to stop giving this guy a platform for his ongoing spin.

Anonymous • 2 months ago

Never not support travel agents!? How exactly are you supporting them by refusing refunds?? This guy has show once again that he’s full of BS. Lost complete respect for him and G during this time. Neither him or the company can be trusted... they blatantly lie to get business but have no interest deep down in their own values. Complete disgrace!!

ChrisJ • 2 months ago

Another company boss that ignores what his own company is doing whilst preaching how great they are. You'd exclaim 'unbelieveable' if you hadn't now realised it's become the standard in the business.

Ash Willcroft • 2 months ago

Indeed! How does Tip have the cheek! What a hypocrite! One hopes that the discerning clients won't forget how companies like G (as in 'G' for your money is Gone if you book with them!)Adventures treat their clients.

Maz • 2 months ago

This is from the company who is NOT refunding customers for tours which they cancelled, but only offering a voucher. Some people have lost their jobs, can't pay their rent, and a voucher is utterly useless.

Kane Pirie • 2 months ago

Apparently none of that matters anymore. Break the law. Break your terms of business. Refuse to pay your debts. Make your customers waste time and money chasing around. Put your frontline staff in a horrible position, having to peddle your lies.

Repeat for months and just spin, spin, spin and all will be fine.

Except I don't think it will. The industry hope that customers have "short memories" and will forgive and forget is a daydream.

Everyone remembers who tried to cheat them, when and for how much when it comes to their own money.

It is all very shortsighted and unnecessary.