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Kane Pirie • 5 months ago

Industry calls for £1m million to anyone who can spell TRAVEL because we are so special. We should have NO law and NO taxes and extra biscuits at 11:00.

Dear Lord...the madness continues.

And still no word from the CAA on Refund Credit Notes.

PeterM • 5 months ago

With the national debt now in the trillions this will NEVER happen in fact expect a new tax to be introduced on aviation fuel.

Philip • 5 months ago

Spot on Peter.
The industry is in line to be milked and milked by the chancellor to pay for CV19 and
all the furlough costs and loans they have agreed for Airlines
All Airlines are low hanging fruit to slap on fuel and green taxes, instead of quarantine they will put all these taxes in place to discourage Travel long term.
For years and years Airlines have acted as unpaid civil servants collecting APD
and other Taxes for customs and HMRC.

The Chancellor with other world Chancellors need to get together to ensure
the giant online companies who pay next to no Tax like Amazon and Google
pay their way in future and i would suggest a simple online Tax on all sales
and at source , all these companies have been doing well financially during the CV19 crisis.