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Dawn Turnbull • 5 months ago

I would like thank Shearings coch holiday for all the wonderful 30 holiday and lake come and lake garden and sorrent I will be booking two coch holiday I would like thank Shearings coch holiday for everything dawn

dawn turnbull • 5 months ago

My name is dawn I would like thank shearing coch holiday for all the wonderful holiday dawn

Dawn Turnbull • 5 months ago

My name is dawn I would like thank Shearings coch holiday for all the wonderful holiday I had I had great 30 years with Shearings coch holiday to lake come and sorrent and lake garden I when another company take over the company I will booking two coch holiday to lake come and sorrent dawn

STEVE WEBSTER • 6 months ago


Brian Leahy • 6 months ago

My wife and I used to enjoy coach holidays but having a son who took a DPhil in Virology we have a fair understanding of the risks and dangers of the Covid-19 virus such as the infection risk factor where coaches don't shine.
It may appear far fetched but is it possible to make it a condition of coach holiday travel that the coach traveller has to have had a recent Covid-19 virus test/ If not how does one guarantee that they are not stepping into a death trap.

john harrison • 6 months ago

government say holiday in the uk .so why have they not stepped in to save this company. if it had been TfL London or railways its another thing its already got the name NATIONAL

Gerry Simcox • 6 months ago

If Tom Moore can raise £33 million for the NHS , why can't Shearings clients have
a whip round to save their holiday company . Let's get started now here's £20 .

Gerry Simcox • 6 months ago

Hays Travel has proved itself to be the best travel agents in the county , the way they salvaged Thomas Cook last year was brilliant . Come on Mr and Mrs Hays start the ball rolling to save Shearings . Most of its one million passengers will donate something towards its rescue , it just wants someone to start the ball rolling. Donations can be handed in at Hays Travel
Agents around the country . Shearings passengers can do it .

hereward • 6 months ago

A company that reports record profits in 2017 goes bust in 2020 . How is that possible ? The covid lockdown had only been in place a few weeks . What really caused this catastrophe ?
Anyone know ?

Jimbo • 6 months ago

Debt, leading to an inability to borrow further when the crisis hit.

Guest • 6 months ago
Get real • 6 months ago

Get real. What is going to happen is nothing.
You're not going to see that £40 again. Sorry

Guest • 6 months ago
Get real • 6 months ago

A 100+ year old company goes bust during the biggest financial crisis in living memory with the loss of thousands of jobs, but the real victim is someone promised a £40 gesture. 👏

Mark crompton • 6 months ago

I agree am ex coach driver for shearings and reading this makes me sick and up set 40 pounds come on I have lost the best job I have ever had and that gose my all my colleagues

Denise Wainwrightniecey67 • 6 months ago

My daughter and daughter always travelled with shearing and national holidays with being a single parent and my granddaughter being only ten years old they always felt safe and secure.

PeterM • 6 months ago

How incredibly sad and unexpected a company so widely admired and with its century old reputation, shock springs to mind. To those who can think outside of the box TC came as no surprise and Monarch expected ( after dumping inhouse Cosmos ) After Shearings could not find a life line - how much debt was it carrying ?