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Jennifer Rees • 4 months ago

I had a very good service from TUI, phone call took about hour and half, took less than 10 minutes to agree refund, they then emailed my refund notice within 10 minutes. Had my money back in my bank the following day. That was during the week i was ment to be in Cyprus, had money before my return date. Thank you TUI for a quick response.

andy • 4 months ago

Fritz stick your holidays where the sun don’t shine,had you been better with your customer’s they would have stuck by tui.but instead you have used every delay tactic possible to hold on to people’s money,your outright scumbag,one of your employees told me 14 days for my refund,then 28 days and then you will get it when you get it.your owe me over ten grand and I want it not any more bull **** from your minions,I would not go on holiday with tui now even for free, people will remember what company’s acted in a good way to there customers.

Martin Roberts • 4 months ago

Issued a COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENT and got mine back they emailed me the day it was served..... Suprise Suprise cheap to do online.
I had been waiting since March for £,3000

Speakthetruth • 4 months ago

Why is TUI website still stating that holidays only cancelled until 11 June? And TUI is still taking bookings for the rest of June! Surely this is bonkers?

Caz Molloy • 4 months ago

Tui and their so called refund box does not work. It tells me there are no details found when i put my reference in. Should have travelled on May 2nd. Not interested in their 20% incentive to rebook as they have hiked prices up by minimum 40% for 2021.

Martin Roberts • 4 months ago

Take out a County court judgement against them you will get your money then.
Easy to do & cheap online

ChrisJ • 4 months ago

Fritz why are you still selling holidays with 15 June departures for Halkidiki when Greece isn't accepting international flights to that airport until 1 July DAYS after it was announced - and the hotels mentioned aren't open til 1 July either? Oh, and you still haven't cancelled existing holidays to that same resort departing in June. That is just WRONG, just SO WRONG - of YOU.