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Leonard Neil Wilson • 4 months ago

I have a £50 voucher which was given to me last xmas and I intended using said voucher towards my next Shearings coach holiday. Is this voucher now worthless ?

chris • 4 months ago

I had 2 self drive holidays booked when 1 of my holidays moved from june to November was told my money was safe, looking at it now because I did not book coach holiday I will not get any deposits back so I was lied to from shearings

Alan D'ambrogio • 4 months ago

For all the critism of tui and ABTA, it is REALLY REALLY POOR that CAA have been unwilling to clarify the status of RCNs .

Kane Pirie • 4 months ago

They've ducked it so far but no chance now. Either they manage it through a statement or we find out on Twitter when they reject, or if I am wrong which of course I might be, accept RCN claims...

Either way is progress over this interminable muddle.

PeterM • 4 months ago

What's an RNC please sir ?

Kane • 4 months ago

Refund Credit Note in name but a loan agreement in reality. Interest free of course.

An ABTA / TUI creation in which customers swap an overdue but ATOL protected refund on a cancelled package holiday for the glory of being an unsecured creditor to companies openly struggling to pay their debts when they fall due.

Tough sell isn’t it? Not for the outlaw tour operators. They designed a range of methods to dupe customers into accepting these: ABTA Guidance; law changing; childcare problems etc etc.

Kane • 4 months ago

The big question is are the RCNs ATOL protected?

And for God’s sake ask CAA and CAA alone.

We’ve had too much huff and puff on this already.

Julie drewls • 4 months ago

RCN's are NOT CAA ATOL Protected, as of 25th May 2020.

If the Agent / Tour Op goes 'pop' you are in the queue and might be lucky to see 1p in the £

Lesley Cundy • 4 months ago

Not if the tour operator has a Trust fund then the RCN and all ATOL monies are protected