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Speakthetruth • 8 months ago

Priti Patel's 14 Day Quarantine measure will decimate an already severely damaged travel industry. Travel, airport, airline and aviation business leaders will need to ensure they take the morally right action to protect their employees from redundancy and fully use the UK Government's Furlough Scheme to protect their workers until October. There will be very little passenger demand to fly after 8 June, as long as the 14 Day Quarantine rule applies. The Travel Industry must ensure that the UK Government financially supports all workers.

James K • 8 months ago

Not to mention that the quarantine in that form is absolutely pointless. Given that UK has one of the highest rates of infections, people arriving are AT risk, not THE risk.

Manny • 8 months ago

Correct ! Europe was riddled with COVID and our borders were open with loads of flights and no quarantine . Now we are the ones with loads of cases , while Europe is seeing the end of this first wave , and we put incomers in quarantine ?! It’s ridiculous and the correct thing would be for European countries to refuse British travellers until COVID is beaten in this country