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jon • 4 days ago

Quarantine now is a silly idea. It would have been beneficial back in March, but no evidence has been forthcoming that it will help now. Its just the Govt trying to get holidaymakers to spend their money at home this summer!

PeterM • 5 days ago

This government is doing an excellent job with the singular objective of protecting us all. Thank god I live in the UK. This virus is unprecedented with the world in a pause mode for the time being. For many years the boffins from every corner have advocated a 3rd world war to bring the population down ? Adhere to the governments advice - nobody knows what the future holds for us. These gigantic cruise liners will be the first to go ( thankfully)

Speakthetruth • 5 days ago

Actions not words is now required from the UK Aviation and Travel Industry leaders.
They need to ensure that they take the morally right action to protect their employees from redundancy and fully use the UK Government's Furlough Scheme to protect their workers until October. There will be very little passenger demand to fly after 8 June, as long as the 14 Day Quarantine rule applies. The Travel Industry must ensure that the UK Government financially supports all its workers.

Keith Parkins • 5 days ago

Quarantine should have been brought in weeks ago.

Other countries closed borders, closed airports, quarantine for arrivals, real quarantine not self isolation. Maybe that is why they had far fewer covid-19 deaths and now in a far better position to ease lockdown.

Contrast with Heathrow, inbound flights from covid-19 hotspots, no screening, hop onto public transport.

Airlines and tourist industry trashed the planet, spread covid-19 around the world, reneged on refunds, begging bowl out for taxpayer handouts, now whinging about quarantine.

PeterM • 5 days ago

It was brought in weeks ago - asleep?

jon • 4 days ago

No it wasn't. There is only quarantine for those people returning who are ill. Others can still arrive and not self-quarantine.

howardrd • 4 days ago

I arrived back into LHR from the USA on April 5th, just as this pandemic was heading to its peak. No guidance, no advice, not even a handout leaflet!
Two months on and a 14 day self-isolation order is being introduced at a time when the government recently relaxed restrictions and allows people to drive to any corner of England at will.
Reeks of total incompetance to me!