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Guest poster • 2 months ago

I wonder how many MP's understand how 'business' actually works. The evidence would suggest not many, if any.

Kane Pirie • 2 months ago

We need to find a way to lobby effectively as an industry: airlines / agents / operators etc. Probably need a new trade body that just does that and does not get lost in everything else and a maze of conflicted interests.

The 14 days quarantine is nuts. Either it is safe to travel or it is not safe to travel.

Where will this leave customers who cannot go into quarantine for 14 days? Out of pocket again?

David Simply Clicks • 2 months ago

The 14-day quarantine measure is simply a device to ensure that all of the furlough funny money is not spent abroad. The travel industry is being sacrificed in order to preserve an incompetent government.

Speakthetruth • 2 months ago

Expect Priti Patel to hide behind the same old flannel that she is being "led by the Science" to justify the Government's imposition of the 14 day Quarantine measure.
Travel and Aviation industry should note comments made today by Sir Ian Boyd who is a professor of biology at St Andrews University and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), which advises ministers on Covid-19.
Sir Ian called on Ministers to stop saying they are "led" by the science.
"I think the statement 'we are guided by the science' is slightly misleading. I don't think ministers intend it to be misleading. I think they intend it to help to provide trust in what they are saying. And quite rightly so".
"Basically what we in the scientific community do is give the best advice we can based on the evidence that's available to us. We then pass it to Government Ministers and the policy parts of Government who can then take that and do with it what they like within the policy context."