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Giles Hawke • 8 months ago

great comment piece Lucy. Travel will probably be the last sector to see any form of return to normality and the thin margins and low prices of the past will be challenging to reverse, but we will need to do so in order for travel businesses to survive to offer customers amazing holidays in the future.

Tom Parsley • 8 months ago

Lucy - a good comment piece -but what staggers me is how little we see from within the industry about what we can in fact do to help ourselves - where's the 'blue sky thinking 'on new ways to sell travel ,new styles of holidays, real staycation innovations ,PR campaigns on the current challenges and fair and well presented reasons for the refund situation ,innovation on protecting client funds , engagement with other sectors of the economy to learn some lessons/ideas for what the future might look like etc ,etc - we have spent 8 weeks doing nothing but arguing amongst ourselves about refunds and 'whose fault was this or that - we need to start taking responsibility ourselves to get travel moving again not just wait for the government to throw money at us (which might never come )

steve kane • 8 months ago

Lucy with everything that is going on with COVID19 do you honestly think that Travel for holidays is the be all and end all on CUSTOMERS minds. Yes the Industry is suffering but so are the thousands of other big and small companys to. The fact is COVID 19 is here to stay for some while yet and we ALL need to realise that travel is a poor second to staying alive. We will bounce back but not this year and the sooner the Travel Industry gets its Head around that the better and please remember that after all this is over the CUSTOMER WILL be the KING.