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David Cuthbert • 5 months ago

Instead of all this rubbish he needs to get cash refunds sorted. I have previously emailed him not expecting a response. At least I was correct. Pathetic and what they are doing is illegal. Why aren't ABTA doing something about TUI?

Andy Hughes • 5 months ago

Give me my money back fritz....your day of reckoning will come soon...your sheer arrogance towards customers of whose money you are illegally holding to prop up your pathetic company and to pay your obscene wages is disgusting...i don't think you even have any idea of the contemp that a very large number of your customers have towards your company and you fritz...and by the way what have you done with the bailout your motherland gave you...oh and the wage money you are saving whilst the British taxpayers pay your staff wages...oh and all of the money we have all paid you...fritz you will go to jail, your company will collapse and we will all cheer..

steve kane • 5 months ago

Fritz Joussen is only after one thing and that for TUI to be geting more money from the CUSTOMER and then to forget them like he is doing now . We all will remember you Mr Joussen for the way you have treated your CUSTOMERS and that is a fact. everybody will get back to travel for holidays WHEN it is safe to do so and NOT before so go away with your roadmap and get lost with it .

David • 5 months ago

Whilst social distancing is required travel anywhere is going to contain a small to high risk for all travellers, depending on their circumstances. And who the heck, but few, will want to go to China 🤔

James K • 5 months ago

The real question is: who the heck, but few, will want to go anywhere with TUI?

Speakthetruth • 5 months ago

As it is Europe's largest travel company with decades of experience stretching back to the 1960s, TUI should take the lead and set out its own roadmap for restarting travel across Europe. TUI cannot rely on getting the best advice from Governments.

Dave Witton • 5 months ago

Perhaps you should refund UK customers before talking about 2021, 7 weeks waiting for a refund apart from being illegal under EU law is totally unacceptable.

tcd0909 • 5 months ago

Where's my money, Fritz?

Jenny • 5 months ago

Do you all understand how many people at TUI, like imagine some of you aswell, have been furloughed and how the company is most likely struggling with back log to process refunds and sort everything out like the majority of companies that are still operating. We’re in the middle of a pandemic which the economy at its knees and you are concerned about a refund for a holiday that you are actually able to re book. And for those of you saying ‘tui can not rely on advise from the government’ believe it or not tui aren’t the ones that call the shots on when they can start flying again as the government have stopped any non emergency or repatriation flights. With regards to the comment about TUI just wanting customers money, that is completely incorrect he had made this statement to get the conversation going about travel as the travel industry has been one of the most heavily impacted during this current climate. Do your research before you slander a man who is working hard to help.

steve kane • 5 months ago

Refunds are done via computer it only takes a couple of strokes on the keypad .TUI have ALL the CUSTOMERS details. TUI HAVE ALWAYS treated CUSTOMERS as CASH COWS