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steve kane • 10 months ago

Will MAG ensure that to prevent huge Qs at Depature (even if the uptake of customers is slow ) that they have enough staff to carryout these ESSENTIAL measures and will MAG not put the burden onto its Airlines to pay for this.
MAG are very good at coming up with ideas for its Airports however they do not seem to want to pay for it themselves.

Saul R • 10 months ago

Completely agree. MAN Queues for Security are/were a sure fire method of COVID-19 progogation.

Speakthetruth • 10 months ago

Passenger numbers at UK airports will not recover any time soon. Crowding is not going to be a problem for the foreseeable future. However, the effects of the Lockdown have been far worse on UK Travel Industry workers than the Coronavirus itself. Thousands are likely to be made redundant in BA, Ryanair, Airbus and Rolls Royce, let alone the rest of the airport and aviation supply chain. Why didn't Andrew Marr and Sophy Ridge challenge Shapps about this massive economic crisis?

Ronnie • 10 months ago

I firmly believe that air travel will change beyond recognition.
I think direct long haul flights will be the norm?
Given what thousands of travellers have experienced with Covid-19 the main issue for return travellers was transiting through another countries
These countries just closed their doors.
I would like to see this implimented
Should there ever be another issue like this at least people could return home and not be trapped?
I certainly don't see the return of full planes?

Dan • 10 months ago

Lets hope we do see the return of full planes otherwise there wont be any airlines left. Unless we all buy private jets.