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steve kane • 10 months ago

And who Mr Sawbridge would pay for all this, far better to STAY AT HOME -SAVE THE NHS &SAVE LIVES that is the best way to beat this COVID 19

Paul Sawbridge • 10 months ago

'Social distancing' is primarily an improvised response to the lack of government preparedness designed to ensure the NHS had access to enough face masks. It is very likely that face masks (especially coupled with goggles to provide proper eye protection) will provide better protection than 2m distancing in an enclosed space like a train, bus or aircraft where sharing of air is impossible to avoid. However, they will only provide protection for a limited time - long enough for a commuter journey but probably not much longer than that. Ideally aircraft (especially long haul aircraft) should be fitted with some form of air sterilisation similar to the systems used in operating theatres. However, as a temporary measure until we get a test, track and isolate system working and/or develop a vaccine, providing fresh sterilised masks and goggles every 30 minutes during a journey should provide an acceptable level of protection.

steve kane • 10 months ago

Will you all just remember that COVID 19 KILLS PEOPLE it does NOT matter about anything else other than to PRESERVE LIFE so if we cannot go on a Aircraft,ship,Train ,Bus or any other kind of Transport what does it matter ? We WILL get over this no matter what , its nearly VE day and those that were alive then know all about sacrifice at least we dont have Food Rationing like they did then ,there are no BLACK OUTS or power shortages. We can get through this and without thinking about Air Travel lets all just THINK about STAYING AT HOME.SAVEING THE NHS & then we WILL SAVE LIVES every body KEEP SAFE .

Speakthetruth • 10 months ago

The effects of the Lockdown have been far worse on UK Travel Industry workers than the Coronavirus itself. Thousands are likely to be made redundant in BA, Ryanair, Airbus and Rolls Royce, let alone the rest of the airport and aviation supply chain. Why didn't Andrew Marr and Sophy Ridge challenge Shapps about this massive economic crisis?

Philip • 10 months ago

The communication on Travel is confusing to
Say the least
If fhe Foreign office are instructing passengers not to Travel why are they permitting Wizz Air to operate in and out of Luton in uk?
The message is not strong enough and Airlines are being left to their own devices
To decide when they will fly or not which is
Just dumb
Whilst we arw un lock down the only flights
That should be permitted into uk is repatriation flights or cargo
No passenger flights should be permitted
Until lock down is lifted and a time line
Announced by government
Wizz should be reprimanded and ordered to
Stop flying in or out of uk full stop until
Lock down is partially lifted with an agreed
Exir strategy

It is time to lay the law down you cant
Have 180 people together on a beach
Or a park unless they are 2 m apart and
Not in a group but its ok to but 180
People on a A321 aircraft !!

Its crazy !!

J.Morgan • 10 months ago

So, Public transport gets wiped out.
TFL goes bankrupt, every coach and train operator go bankrupt.
Hotels go to the wall, and road traffic increases.

All that is needed is work on a vaccine and over 800,000 died from H1N1, but they never once shut down flights.. They rook a year to get a vaccine and H1N1 WAS WORSE FOR PEOPLE UNDER 50.

Difference was Gordon Brown was PM and the NHS was invested in

Philip • 10 months ago

i am not suggesting public transport gets wiped out.
i am stating the fact that there are too many variables to the lock down rules
i understand public transport is required with social distancing etc.. but the law is muddled in that you can put 180 people in a metal tube to fly for
4 hrs to Tenerife from Luton but cannot have a barbecue on Brighton beach
if the Foreign office have recommended no travel there should be no flights until this advice is lifted that is my point.
Flights should start as part of the move out of lock down with clear Government advice so every Airline and Travel company are working to the same edit ...ie dates etc.. and procedure.
The situation is a mess and i more than anyone want to see things return
to some normality but we all need to be safe too.

Speakthetruth • 10 months ago

Shapps is following his Thomas Cook and Flybe model for the shape of UK aviation, holidays and travel post Covid-19.