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Debbie Hickmott • 6 months ago

Insurance are covering covid whilst on holiday but not pre travel or if you arrive at airport and fail temperature test. Both the insurance and travel company won't pay out if ill before or turned away at airport and having holidays costing several thousand who can afford to lose that hard saved up money. My hubby's cancer drug makes him hot I have hot flushes and could be turned away not having covid We are luckily getting refunded from Tui for our May holiday but couldn't take advantage of the offer to rebook with a bonus as we would've rebooked and maybe Tui and holiday companies should commit to allowing people rebooking if ill before or turned away at airport .We were due to travel to florida December and whilst both shielding but insurances not paying out we are set to lose £1200 deposits, w

antony martin • 9 months ago

ROCK Insurance are providing cover for Covid-19 whilst customers are travelling, this includes medical expenses and automatic extension of cover if they are not allowed to travel home due to quarantine for example. ROCK is already providing this cover to a large number of travel agents, tour operators and a major airline so I think that the article is simply not correct in what it is saying (although I do accept that a few are doing as you suggest).

The cover ROCK provides is available for holidays / travel arrangements booked in 2020 and 2021 and we also provide free amendments if the travel dates need to be changed due to Covid-19.

Amanda, to say that the insurance sector has got away 'Scott Free' so far is simply not true and not fair. We have been moving policies, changing cover and paying claims for customers that have been affected by Covid-19. We continue to support these customers and continue to provide cover. If you are struggling to find cover for your customers please give me a call.

There are some products in the market that have blanket excluded Covid-19 and this is wrong. If a travel insurance product doesn't offer cover then it shouldn't be offered.

PeterM • 9 months ago

Rock - please be aware - this bit of PR is a bit late - as soon as you see the claims above the norm - guess what - worse than banks.

Julie Blake • 9 months ago

I don’t have any specific experience with Rick, but in relation to the insurance industry, I have to agree with Peter. You may well be offering cover for clients who fall in on holiday but what people really want is protection against CANCELLATION if they can’t go due to advice, flights cancelling or illness - do you cover that to as you haven’t mentioned that? As a primarily accommodation only provider, our clients have done their but by purchasing good quality, comprehensive cover, yet time and time again they are being rejected and left thousands of pounds out of pocket by the insurance industry and some of the excuses, and downright lies that are being told to clients to get out of paying our claims is nothing short of scandalous and a disgrace. Pushing everyone anywhere other than themselves. It’s about time the Insurance industry were called out for the recent behaviour. You’ve taken their money now pay up!