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Richard Tkaczyk • 5 months ago

It's an absolute disgrace that ABTA have informed morally wrong agents to break the law and the PTR, they have allowed travel agents to do whatever they please to stay afloat with customers money. Seems ABTA forget they are only advisory to the travel industry, they DO NOT make the law. The Package Travel Regulation law, enacted by Government, for refunding clearly set out should a holiday be cancelled you as a customer are entitled to a refund in full within 14 days. We personally have an issue with a company called Pillinger World Travel in Preston who have done everything they can NOT to provide a refund. ABTA, it's time you did the morally correct thing and tell your members to abide by the law. It's a complete shambles, I hope that when customers return they look back to see which agents have morals and which ones don't.

Derek John Marsh • 6 months ago

I have been trying to sign into my ABTA today but when it comes to section where you have enter code sent to you by mobile or email no code arrives. I know the staff are working off line from home, can any one help me.

Stewart Bell • 6 months ago

Our cruise with NCL booked through Jetline Cruise was cancelled on 13/2/2020. We were informed by Jetline Cruise that we would received a full cash refund. After one month and numerous calls from us Jetline Cruise said they would offer us vouchers which we refused. On 8/4/2020 Jetline Cruise sent an e mail to say they have put a Refund Credit Note against our booking for full cash amount.. Now 9 weeks after cancellation we are still waiting. What laws are being broken here.

Chris Hubbard • 6 months ago

We are having similar issues with Jetline. They have only offered a partial refund for our holiday and now will not respond to any of our e mails. Getting very frustrated and dont kniw where to turn now.

Julie Richards • 6 months ago

Can Abta clarify the position with regard to Brittany Ferries only offering a voucher for cancelled ferries? BF are members of Abta, they are refusing refunds, (although their own terms and conditions say should reimburse in 7 days) and the vouchers do not appear to comply with what abta are saying in this article and therefore have no financial security.

Erik Mann • 6 months ago

Will someone from ABTA please explain why they feel they are entitled to encourage members to break the law? ABTA are a trade association and whilst they have the right to campaign to change the law surely there is no right to break it. If we all broke laws we don’t like anarchy would reign. So far ABTA have not answered this point in any of the many places on the web that I have looked, they always avoid the question.

Trev Rose • 6 months ago

TUI have cancelled all beach holidays until may 14. However they say flights not due to resume until June 17 at the earliest . We are due to go to Bulgaria May 15, so how do we get there,walk?
We also have a Marella cruise booked in September with the remaining balance due in July. Under current circumstances I simply cannot afford to pay the cruise balance and had every intention of using a cash refund from the May holiday to pay towards the cruise.from reading what is I here I am going to be right royally screwed on both bookings.
Thank you very much from a previously loyal Thomson/TUI/Marella customer

Ian Sharples • 6 months ago

Your advice to TUI is guidance only and does not supsede statutory law. You are aiding and abetting TUI in breaking the law and you may be liable for for compensation. Remember PPI.

Moira Balsillie • 6 months ago

So when was the law changed that allows ABTA to recommend RCNs? As the law stands if a holiday is cancelled full refund should be given within 14 days, Not a credit note for a refund months or even years from now. It seems to me that this is illegal.

Karen Goddard • 6 months ago

TUI cancelled my holiday 16 March - I’ve received email advising refund in 14 days and still nothing after 32 days!

Margy Williams • 6 months ago

TUI cancelled our holiday, issued an email to refund full cost within 7 to 10 days. Still waiting after 35 days. There has been no contact, however we managed to get hold of an agent who reassured us our paperwork was on the desk but no staff to activate refund.

Denise Dodd • 6 months ago

I cancelled my marella cruise in March we paid balance early and they said refund by 13/3 .we are still waiting

steve kane • 6 months ago

ABTA are above the Law. It seems they can change things around just for the members and never mind the CUSTOMER the rules as they stand are 14 days for a full cash refund no RCNs are in the rules, ABTA are playing JUDGE AND JURY .

Bren • 6 months ago

Spot on iam in the same situation its advice not the law waiting for £6000 off travel company been telling lies for 4 weeks now my buissness is closed no income i need that money for bills food etc not a holiday in the future thats gone out the window holidays are miles off at the moment .

Julie drewls • 6 months ago

Mr. Kane.

No, ABTA is NOT above the Law.

The only person above the law in the UK is the Queen of England (why? Because she has the power to change any law without the approval of Parlement)

If you do not accept the RCN you ask for a refund.

If no refund is forthcoming either do a charge back from your credit card (takes about 2-3 weeks) or start county court proceedings.

Rico • 6 months ago

I don’t have to wait to accept or reject RCN or follow any other goofy, just invented procedure. Actually thanks to that cheeky move of forcing people to follow a made up refund process, my credit card provider wasn’t happy to file chargeback request.

Rico • 6 months ago

It supposed to say “my CC provider was happy to...”

Tom Parsley • 6 months ago

14 days from when ?

Traveller • 6 months ago

How will a customer know when the operator is to ‘renew’ its bonds? Can they get this info from ABTA?

PeterM • 6 months ago

Have a look at the CAA web site it will tell you - if a non air product it depends who is giving the cover, does not have to A.B.T.A.