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Indie Agent • 7 months ago

If anyone has seen Alok Sharma's performances on TV then don't be surprised why he is M.I.A. during all this as he is quite simply out of his depth as are most of this Government's ministers. To all those in travel that were urging people to vote Conservative at the last election thank you for nothing.

Rusty Gold • 7 months ago

All this is very well, but what are ABTA doing about companies such as Exodus Travel that refuse to refund now or in the future?
These are difficult times for everyone and individuals are feeling the financial effects as well as major corporations.
Why should customers money be taken from them at a time of crisis to 'prop up' businesses who take it upon themselves to break their terms & conditions, ABTA's policies and ultimately the law.
Laws are there for a reason and we all have to abide by them. Would the travel companies be as understanding if the customer cancelled due to COVID-19 or would they then point to their terms and conditions?
This whole thing stinks. Consumers would, no doubt be a little more understanding if there was a delay in getting a refund as long as the time frame was reasonable and their money was protected during this time, but to have corporations blatantly breaking the law with no sign of a resolve will note help anyone.
Travel companies need to work with customers, not apply the mantra "Refund Credit Note or Nothing"
Set a realistic timeframe and guarantee a refund for those that want it

Patrick Doyle • 7 months ago

The government’s inertia in regard to refunds is beyond belief. All the organs of the state who in their various ways deal with travel and tourism all seem to be in suspended animation. I have been banging on for years we need a stand alone Minster for Tourism, how we could do with one now. When it comes to the travel world the chickens as the old saying goes have now come home to roost. This fragmentation has been a curse on the travel trade, and at the end of this pandemic it has to be addressed.