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Speakthetruth • 4 months ago

No Mention of Trump halting all flights by non-US citizens from Europe Mainland to his American Homeland. Is that an over reaction, irrational behaviour by the US politicians? What financial affect will it have on the world's global airlines and cruise operators eg BA. Virgin, Norwegian, Carnival?

robin_ingle • 4 months ago

This interview was done over a week ago, Trump had not enforced a ban on travel at that time.

Banning travel is a method for control but it is too late, governments have been slow to react and now are overreacting. The Economic harm may be worse than the illness especially for regular citizens working day to day.

COVID-19 is already in the community and may have been there for a long time. This is a new world that we are in and we all have to adapt. Since December many people were aware that this was not just a China problem but unfortunately they didn't act. The USA will have major issues over the next month and they will have an accelerated infection rate not related to Europe or China.

The travel industry will come back it is a necessary part of being a fulfilled human being! We want to travel its in our DNA, this is the reason that we have over the last few 100 thousand years inhabited every part of the earth.

Travel companies will need to refocus, merge, find a new voice and offer or develop products and services that inform their clients on risk. They will need to reevaluate their corporate value proposition . Reliable factual information will help the consumers make informed decisions and will provide consumers with peace of mind.

The world is not over its just different, I am confident that we will weather this storm and that all of us in the Travel Industry will find a new direction a positive direction.