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Joanne Penton • 9 months ago

They are a complete joke I should of had my refund in October received one payment automatically had to claim the rest as they didn't reach deadline waited 60 day now the CAA are refusing to give me my money back saying I'm not eligible I'm atol protected full Thomas Cook package paid all direct debits

Sean Stewart • 9 months ago

The CAA are the biggest jokes here,yes Thomas cook went under,If there's proof that the staff knew or had any idea (thomas cook staff) then yes,knowingly or even any slightest inclination that this was on the table,Thomas cook going into liquidation,I totally agree they should then have there commissions revoked....However the governing body ATOL/Caa are the biggest crooks here...ruined my holiday,ruined my credit score,I am now facing eviction and debt from council tax has now forced me into court hearing as well as a declaration of earnings deductions for outstanding child support maintenance...this is all based on CAA/ATOL promises to pay out compensation claims within the 60 day period....

bev • 9 months ago

This is utter false reporting we lost everything and were bottom of the pile for any help financially, mentally and emotionally, you need to do your research before you make out it was alright the way we were treated because it wasnt, we were top of the victim list from the collapse and we are still working every hour to rebuild our businesses - you need to redeem this statement and get the true facts corrected!

Karin Rochelle-Reece • 9 months ago

I was a Freedom Member on 23 September, I have not been paid & I am 'owed' over £20k in forward commission. TC staff got their redundancy, their holiday pay & were able to very sadly close the doors & walk away from branches to be reemployed a few weeks later.
We were left with nothing other than our own resilience & ability to pick ourselves up & start again with new Companies - whilst looking after our Freedom Clients for free . As others state we are STILL working for free on those TC & ATOL bookings as the CAA / ATOL are inundated & it seems hadn't much info about Freedom. On an almost daily basis we are still helping our clients with paperwork or explanations about ATOL 5704 that they can send on to help with their claim. It has made many of us ill, suffer severe anxiety, depression, take 2nd jobs & some in cases Freedom HW have quit travel altogether as they simply couldn't manage to start again. Would really like to know who the source of this pay story is as they can come & check my bank account & overdraft !!!!

steve kane • 9 months ago

When a company goes into administration am a wrong in thinking there are 2 kinds of CREDITORS Secured and Unsecured so which do agents fall into legally i would asume the latter

Guest • 9 months ago
Jo • 9 months ago

Well said 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Jo • 9 months ago

I have never heard so many lies
Who’s the source ???

Not only did 23rd September shattered our lives
4 months later we are still working for free for our customers because the caa promised 60 day turn around, obviously this was NEVER going to happen !!! AGAIN MORE LIES

If that is the case £50 per booking where is my share / 94k I lost in commission, I thought I was going to lose my home and everything I worked for in the last 7 years !!!

Makes my blood boil when you read these lies in travel weekly !!!

Melanie Herr • 9 months ago

SAYS WHO? And your source is?????
Freedom homeworks are still waiting. We need to know where you got this info from?
Utter rubbish

steve kane • 9 months ago

Agents are UNSECURED creditors and should be treated as such they know the risks.

Travelguy • 9 months ago

So Steve your saying people should know the risk of something that has never happened before? CAA has up to this point always allowed agents to retain commission and this is the first time they have asked for it back on customer who have already travelled. (So in other words the agents has invoiced Cooks for the money and Cooks had paid it, and then the CAA say no you can not have the money, pay it back it is not yours, months later in some cases.)