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Darren Kp Miles • 9 months ago

Please, ladies and gents....Fosun has entered into a possible Business venture to resume where a failed company left off, I read your messages and feel there is no important positiveness and no relevance to anything its seemigly just insulting nonesense conversation, please note that everyone who had problems with the former Thomas Cook brand should take the matter up with the CAA and seek legal advice where neccessary, Fosun chooses a direction that is a move a new Business that may or may not newly resume where the collapsed last company had difficulty and failed, in doing so, this is a positive move I think itvwould be excellent to see Fosun resume service with flights going out from Manchester to Cayo Coco, this was a very popular route in Cuba, where Thomas Cook only flew, however we have to be patient and wait as Fosun and its business ventures to set new direction and possible revitalise where at this stage nothing has resumed since September 2018, it takes time and careful decisions is key. I personally wish Fosun every success in their business endevours and future.

Andy Hunter • 9 months ago

Will they keep selling holidays & flights to the same destinations e.g Tunisia?

Patrick Doyle • 9 months ago

So the Thomas Cook name will live on, they had quite a lot of loyal clients so who knows how successful the venture will be. The refunds due to clients are almost there and Fosun are putting there money were there mouth is. Will we see a fledgling Thomas Cook airline mark two rising from the ashes? we can but wish them well interesting times.

steve kane • 9 months ago

Here we go again its remarkable how in such a small amount of time those that were at the helm when T/C was failed by it top management that those very people have managed to gain top positions within the group that would NOT help T/C to survive and yet for the paultry sum of £11Million they are going to make vasts amount of money for the Chinese Group Fosum. I hope Customers who still have not had refunds from the CAA who were Loyal T/C Customers find out about what this Group are doing and they refuse to give over there hard earned money to thease aset strippers

Julie drewls • 9 months ago

Mr. Kane. You really do need to take your medication.

Fosun is a respected company.

They have purchased the TC brand at a good value for the administrators.

No one else came close to offering 11M for the brand.

Calling them 'asset strippers' (well, you used aset, !) could be construed as slander. (i know, you are looking up the meaning of 'construed')

Also, what does 'thease' mean ?

steve kane • 9 months ago

Nothing slanderous about it .still driving your desk i see

Julie drewls • 9 months ago

I drive a 488 Pista, actually Mr Kane, a gift from a very good client from Bhutan, which was given to me after our business in the Lanesborough hotel, Hyde park corner.

steve kane • 9 months ago

In your dreams All of them have been pre-sold, not to common millionaires but to collectors with a stable full of limited-edition Modenese specials.6 Jun 2018

Julie drewls • 9 months ago

Sorry Mr. Kane, you really need to take your medication.

I and the majority of readers of TW know your just a sad, lonely, troll, most likely never worked hard in your life and you hate everyone.

My 488 is Yellow and sitting in my garage right now.

I don't usually deal with 'common millionaires'.

All my client's are well healed and 300K is chimp change for them.

I'm sure your driving a late 90's car (Ford I understand)