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steve kane • 9 months ago

Now then IF the Mallorca Government do restrict the ALL-INCLUSIVE drinks package in hotels and i do say IF, will that mean that those T/Os that sell ALL-INCLUSIVE holidays DROP the price of that part of the PACKAGE to take acount of the restrictions .

Julie drewls • 9 months ago

Please read (or ask someone to read it for you, as it appear's you lack skills to understand what's been written).

Hotels can continue to sell All Inclusive packages, for consumption within the hotel's grounds.

The above article clearly states:-

"The government said the new rules will “respect the contracts already signed between tour operators and hoteliers to prevent any legal or contractual issues”."

No one in their right mind would book and 'all inclusive' if their plan is to go on pub crawls every evening (maybe you would ?)

steve kane • 9 months ago

Drewls go on the Calvia web site and read the mins of the meeting and please note i said IF. I am fully aware of ALL the articles that have been written,Any wayI doudt if you have ever been on any holiday that is less than a 5 star so you would not have a clue as to what went on in Places like Magaluf , Cala Ratyada,Cala Millor and the like

Julie drewls • 9 months ago

So, you did read the minutes, but still decided to 'troll' this site with your idiotic comments.

I can sometimes slum in a 4*+ but yes Mr. Kane, I usually entertain my clients in 5* resorts.