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Philip • 6 months ago

This seems to be the Virgin blue print.and so typica
They did the same with their train franchise forcing the Government to step in and bail them out of their franchise...

Someone needs to be bright enough to get some PGs from Sir Richard Branson before they embark on any transactions with Virgin.

The Virgin brand is a grave yard of failures..There was a solid alternative to the Virgin deal headed up by the ex CEO of Stobart Andrew Tinkler that would of been much better for the original shareholders of Fly Be but the then Board killed it due infighting, on paper
it seemed to be a much better deal than the Vigin/Connect deal for Shareholders who with
the deal approved by the Board were in effect wiped out and lost their investments

How after less than a year can there be any Qs or risk of the company failing unless the finances in the first instance were not in place to follow the new Business plan.

The CAA needed to Approve the deal so surely they stress tested the finances available
in line with the Companies new Business Plan.

Sir Richard Branson is reputed to be multi Billionaire and live as a Tax Exile on his own Island in the Caribbean - If rumors are true why does he not feel it appropriate to support the company himself financially and protect his Brand?

steve kane • 6 months ago

Stobart should stick to moving Pallets about and leave Airlines to those that fully understand the workings of a Airline.

Julie drewls • 6 months ago

Mr. Kane.

You should stick to taking your meds and stop posting your troll comments.

You forgot to take your medication again and your idiotic rants just prove your a troll.

Patrick Doyle • 6 months ago

Here we go again, Flybe rumoured to be in trouble. This will be a great worry for all it’s staff and the “no comment” from the management does not inspire. I cannot see the government bailing out any airline that gets into trouble, after all they have set a
precedent when they refused to save Thomas Cook Airlines. If they pour taxpayers money into a failing airline just to curry favour with it’s new regional voters they will be accused of hypocrisy and rightly so.

Jimbo • 6 months ago

“We have a right to be consulted and the staff have a right to know what is going on.”

No you don't

Steven Roberts • 6 months ago

So the staff are just supposed to keep working, hope they get paid, and then be sacked if/when FlyBe goes bust? Do we live in a Democracy or a Dictatorship?

Julie drewls • 6 months ago

If and when FlyBe goes, the GVMT will pay the legally required redundancy payments (typically 1 or 2 weeks wages per year of service, capped)

steve kane • 6 months ago


Julie drewls • 6 months ago

those at the top work the hardest.

steve kane • 6 months ago

YOU and those at the top would not know what HARD work is

Julie drewls • 6 months ago

funny that Mr. Kane.

You claimed (ha ha ha) you owned a large haulage company and sold it.

So, you didn't work hard I guess.

ha ha ha

Julie drewls • 6 months ago

Sure it's fair.

Management earn their salaries.

steve kane • 6 months ago

So they earn their the money they take out of the firm even when they have made a town halls of running the firm .???

Julie drewls • 6 months ago

they can legally take out what is due.