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AlanBowen • 8 months ago

Simple solution is to book using a credit card and then the issuer is on risk, as the banks have discovered recently, and for which the entire industry will pay in due course.

Of course if we had a government who acted on the Bucks Report on Airline Insolvency, we might be approaching the start of a system of financial protection against the collapse of any airline, but that assumes politicians do things that may not benefit them directly and that might be wishful thinking.

As regards Norwegian, 3 take off slots a week will not be a viable option, they may well lease them to an airline looking to increase its existing slots and by doing so, bring in valuable cash

PeterM • 8 months ago

Ok this is just an editorial ''BUT'' in view of recent '' incidents '' concerning non financially protected travellers. IF a carrier fails to meet its obligations - you are on your own - pay for policy to protect against scheduled carrier failure. Surprisingly, the insurers offering this cover are - keeping quiet, strange ???