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steve kane • 8 months ago

Hope we will not see the drunk yobs that used 18 30 flights of T/C as lomg as they dont disrupt flights good look Jet2

PeterM • 8 months ago

2* hotels is just asking for problems - clearly cheap to attract 'seat fillers' and hell bent on direct sales as the agent cannot make any money. Rebrand as ' Cheap and Cheerful'.
Thank god for TUI.

Antony Winspear • 8 months ago

There are many excellent family-run 2* hotels here in the Greek islands. Thousands of UK tourists, of all ages, return to these year after year. This is a testament to the excellent hospitality and value these units offer.

However, one of the problems throttling the potential good this does for both visitor and local economy alike is the move by the big operators over recent years to exclude this sector, chasing higher-margin 4*/5* all-inclusive sales. (Clever idea, let’s make an additional % profit on every meal and drink consumed,,,). With so many large hotels located in isolation away from resorts and villages, many guests only experience the local history and scenery on organised excursions at inflated prices offered by the tour operators. They almost totally miss out on the local cuisine and culture eating and drinking in their “pre-paid” mini-resorts. Many local family businesses and the local economy suffer as a result.

The only restriction on the independent smaller unit sector thriving is the lack of flight seats and channels to book them. I wish Jet2 well with their new Vibe product. The only potential problem, a nice one for Jet2, is that I can see many over-25s jumping at the chance to book packages to much-loved hotels.

As for PeterM’s “cheap and cheerful” branding: Why not? Ryanair and others have hardly been unsuccessful at making such a concept work for flight-only bookings. Many local 2* and 3* family-run hotels and apartments here, now being run by 2nd and 3rd generations, have invested significantly since the old “simply Greece” etc. days of the 80s and 90s. Expectations have risen and owners have answered the trend with recent investment in more stylish rooms, air-conditioning and pools as standard for most accommodations.

As for travel agents: Jet2 have a reputation for supporting independent trade sales with no desire to compete with others on the high street, so I hardly think they are the biggest threat to trade sales. Likewise, unlike many tour operators, Jet2 have garnered a good reputation for excellent customer care here without the “hard-sell” of extras in-resort.

Good luck Jet2 – I am sure Vibe will be welcomed here in Rhodes and on other Greek islands.