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Stephen Chalmers • 3 months ago

It saddens me to read this article and how Oliver has swallowed the SW party line. Perhaps the companies mentioned stop selling SW tickets because the appreciate killer whales doing tricks everyday for holiday makers is wrong. No matter what conservation SW do fundementally these animals are trained/ broken to perform the same routines for all of their considerably shorter life in captivity.
My advice to any agents - type Blackfish into Youtube - watch the trailer or full documentary then you'll see through Oliver's argument and see like seaworld they are only interested in making money, regardless of the abuse and harm caused. My advice to Oliver is I would start to look at diversifying as I predict seaworld will be a thing of the past in 10 years time, confined to history the same way circuses with wild animals are in the UK now. Animal abuse can never be justified.

Oliver Brendon • 3 months ago

Philosophical rather than scientific Stephen. I haven't swallowed their party line - I have read the independent scientific and academic reports on orcas in captivity and in the wild. And, I have spent time with the marine biologists and vets at SeaWorld who have no interest in making money.
Would you interract with / watch whales in the wild?
My argument is that campaigning and fundraising should be focussed on protecting wild habitats and stopping so-called 'eco friendly' wild whale watching because Orcas in the wild are starving to death due to over-fishing and being poisoned by plastic in the ocean.

Kane • 3 months ago

I have tremendous respect for Olly and his business.

Even so, dolphins belong in the ocean along with more fish and less plastic! We would not sell anything that exploited animals in this way at VIVID Travel and it seems pretty dated to me as concept.

Sea World should close the parks and split out their rescue work into a separate charity. As currently configured it looks like convenient GREENWASH to justify carrying on holding animals prisoner for entertainment.

Oliver Brendon • 3 months ago

But Vivid (and Responsible Travel) sell whale watching tours that do enourmous harm to orcas in the wild. The zooologists and animal carers at SeaWorld would categorically never go on a wild whale watching tour.
Close SeaWorld and put the Orcas where?

stephen chalmers • 3 months ago

Stop pointing fingers at others and focus on the fact you are selling and justifying continued animal abuse. Re your comment of where they should go - Seaworld have made multi millions of pounds from these animals, so they have a responsibility to look after them and pay for them to lead a life away from performing

Christopher Jones • 3 months ago

Good article - brings some much needed balance to this often one-sided debate

Stephen Chalmers • 3 months ago

There isn't a one sided debate when it comes to animal abuse, its either abuse or its not. Seaworld Break animals so they perform tricks and routines. This might be a surprise to you that these animals do not perform these tricks in the wild. Stop trying to justify animal abuse so Oliver and SW can make money.

Tim Williamson • 3 months ago

Sounds like you have been well and truly indoctrinated by Seaworld

Oliver Brendon • 3 months ago

Have you read the article in full Tim? What is your ‘solution’ for Orcas in captivity at SeaWorld?

Stephen Chalmers • 3 months ago

What's your solution? - keep exploiting them as we have them there already (and you continue to make money from the abuse) Seaworld have a responsibility to look after these animals after they close the parks they can use the millions they have made to let them live in peace. Stop trying to justify abuse - you are doing you and your company damage.