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Tom Nolan • 1 year ago

I hated flying with TC....but flights only to dalaman prices it was the only choice..Jet2 etc forget it for me..I've been waiting and gambling every time i flew out with them for them to fold for 10 years.ive just come home 7 days ago 800 pound 1 way to Manchester for me and the misses Jet2...the day after the collapse Jet2 wanted 1800 pounds..now this is another rip off from folk traumatized and scared about how to get home..the government needs jump on these ass holes kicking people when they are down.dalaman area 100s of hotels not paid for 2 seasons ..coach operaters with some 200 coaches tied into TC not paid for 2 seasons..1 more thing that needs sorting wen a company is in trbl.all bonuses to those pigs at the top has to be frozen...

Oliver Kennedy • 1 year ago

No you didnt hate it.

Tom Nolan • 1 year ago

ok despise.. will that be ok for you ..I didn't pay attention wen I went to school .

J to the K • 1 year ago

And still people are saying TC should have been bailed out. Just another £200,000,000 and they'd have turned it around. Sad to see the name go, but it appeared to have died some time ago.

Paul Sawbridge • 1 year ago

TC's standard agreement grants it the right to hold client money as its own until it is paid over to the tour operator. However, it also places a responsibility on TC to enforce the terms and conditions of the tour operator. If the tour operator requires payment 6 weeks prior to departure (and some still do, even in this day and age!) whilst TC is demanding payment from the client 14 weeks prior to departure, ipso facto TC is not enforcing the tour operator's terms and is in breach of both its own contract and the ABTA Travel Agency Code of Conduct. ABTA knew about this and seems to have done nothing to stop the malpractice and thereby failed to discharge its duty of care to its tour operator members.

However, the bigger point is that the protection of client advance payments, the failure to write off goodwill in a timely manner, the conflict of interest of PWC as TC's (former) auditors and advisers on directors' compensation are all matters which the committee needs to examine in detail. There are really important lessons here which go far beyond TC and we need the committee to highlight those issues and demand action rather than score a few cheap tabloid points by concentrating on slating the directors.

steve kane • 1 year ago

No one should have to pay for holiday's so far in advance the CAA & ABTA should sort this