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PeterM • 1 year ago

Dobson, be very very careful - their track record does not exactly glow in the dark and is based purely ' inert ' speculation. Careful ?????

Andre • 1 year ago

The industry is like the football industry ..failed managers being re assigned new jobs
at other clubs or in this instance travel companies, when they are clearly journey men.
If they failed they failed and lets be honest what did CM do for Cook save re introduce ..
Airtours brand (how stupid was this?) on the back of other failed ventures prior to this,,,and job hops inside Cook because the leadership was so poor and a a old boys club....where people listen to rhetoric and ignore performance in many cases.
CM should donate his salary to the good cause of a round peg into a square hole that John Donaldson is pushing...All talk and no action by these executives who milked Cook

NB • 1 year ago

Interesting given the TC retail leadership track record.......

Craig Thompson • 1 year ago

Great news for the travel industry

steve kane • 1 year ago

Money always goes too money

Paulie • 1 year ago

What does that even mean? And its To, not Too!

Peter O'Donoghue • 1 year ago

This will be the TC peeps who no doubt took massive payouts before they went bang - looking at their track record I am amazed they go taken on at all.