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Krishnan R. Iyengar • 1 year ago

How utterly disingenuous of BA ... UK domestic flights are its least profitable and - unlike its far more profitable long-haul flights - aren't in the air long enough and don't fly high enough to have a major impact on global warming. So, this one is just to placate the domestic (UK) environmental lobby, who have given away their game as they only seem to want to punish ordinary people by "shaming" them not to fly.

What about the really rich guys in their gas-guzzling biz jets or super yacht owners? They don't seem to ask them to get rid of these status symbols of their opulent wealth (these jets) or call on them to convert them to zero-carbon-emissions (the yachts), like the one Greta Thunberg was sailing in across the Atlantic from Plymouth to New York City. Very odd, isn't it? I smell a rat here, i.e. rich, privileged and predominantly white guys (who "coincidentally" are the ones in charge of outfits like Green Peace, Friends of the Earth and, indeed, Extinction Rebellion [not 16-year-old Greta as we're made to believe by the media controlled by the very same people]) capturing the environmental movement in the same way like their predecessors in an earlier age captured religion to control the masses.