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Neel Patel • 11 months ago

This pretty much vindicates the govts decision to let TC fail, it's only been a few weeks and the consumer has more choice because Hays sells all tour ops. Capitalism over corporatism, creative destruction in action!

Sandra • 11 months ago

Hays travel What a bunch of super hero’s !!!! I think not... . It would be very interesting to see the figures behind this wonderful deal that saves the travel industry, but I guess we won’t !!!!! Time will tell. Us hardworking totally transparent profitable independent agents will continue to do what we always have and that’s do the best for our customers. We don’t have and don’t want the backing of invisible investors we will support ourselves, thank you !!!

savvitravel • 11 months ago

So it seems that Hays have done a deal with CAA over old Thomas cook bookings, We are not able to get our clients claim back to us as we always do, they have to do it themselves, hoping that they will be rebooking with Hays. Will the CAA be referring people to Hays travel soon?????. is this a good move? Hays is a business man, he will shut the poor performing shops after 6 months and offset debt against his tax bill. The CAA are being a little underhand here......

Tom Knopek • 11 months ago

What a delight to see such a positive strategy on a sad story. My first instinct was to think its a big risk to buy 550 shops at the moment (and it is) but if anyone can bring a ray of sunshine (and profit) to the Travel Agent business Hays can. A brilliant piece of news, good luck John and Irene

Kenny Picken • 11 months ago

Well said Tom.

David Jacobs • 11 months ago

Goodbye Hays Travel

Julie drewls • 11 months ago


Why are you trolling ?

I guess, based on your comments that your unemployable.

Sara Spillard • 11 months ago

I think you are very wrong...Hays has a great product on the High Street and unlike Cooks offers and can sell nearly all Tour Operators. Hays have expanded much over the last few years at a tough trading time and have done very well. I doubt that John and Irene hays would have taken on this without considering everything with a fine tooth comb.